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“The Fine Arts in Egyptian Cinema” monitors the interaction of arts throughout the ages

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The recently published book “The Plastic Arts in Egyptian Cinema” records a state of knowledge and culture – not only in the beauty of plastic arts in Egyptian cinema, but the history of Egypt through those arts and the most important and most prominent events that made and played an influential role in the development of its existence, starting with the modern and contemporary Egyptian sculpture; And the arts of sculpture, painting, prominent engraving and deep engraving in ancient Egypt and from there to the end of the 19th century, the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st century AD.

The book, which was published in 228 pages in medium pieces and by the General Authority for Culture Palaces, deals with a number of topics and issues about plastic art, starting with “Ancient Egypt.. Fine Civilization,” “The Sphinx.. Statue and Nadim al-Zaman,” “Coptic Art, Art.” Islamic, engineering art” .. passing through the world of cinematic beauty of Sergei Eisenstein.

The book reviews the cinema of plastic arts in Egypt since 1947, addressing a large and important group of these directors who contributed to their creative achievements in the field of documentary plastic cinema, such as Hassan El-Telmisani, Kamel El-Telmisany, and Ahmed Kamel Morsi, who presented two films about Mahmoud Saeed and Youssef Kamal.

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In the opening of the book, the writer and plastic artist Ahmed Al-Janaini referred to the main role that director Ahmed Fouad Darwish played for the beauty of fine cinema. The creative and those bridges extending between him and most of the creators of generations before him or generations he settled with on the ship of creativity, and he was very accurate in his narration about the first generation “Saad Nadim”, whom Darwish considered a pioneer in creating documentary cinema.


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