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The Finns completed a course in the North Derby in the last minute and the United States was waiting for them, and Russia beat the Germans - ČT sport - Czech Television

The Finns completed a course in the North Derby in the last minute and the United States was waiting for them, and Russia beat the Germans – ČT sport – Czech Television

The Swedes, after being defeated by Russia (4: 3 in overtime) and the United States (0: 4), did not want to admit another failure and had the first third. In the 15th minute, Lucas Raymond opened the score with a shot from the left circle and in 97 seconds Elmer Söderblom increased in a strong match, who matured to goalkeeper Carrie Peruinen with a trick that ended with a hockey stick between his legs and won. In the same way as in a duel with the Czech Republic.

The Finns beat Hugo Al Nevelt for the first time in the 26th minute, after a swift counter-attack, Emile Ferro pinned Henri Nikkanen, who hit the exposed part of the goal. In 59 seconds, coach Antti Pennanen’s team rejoiced at the draw as he finished off another Aku Räta group. After challenging the Swedish coach, however, the goal did not apply to offside.

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Finland – Sweden match report

Immediately, the Swedes helped the top pole after the end of Anton Lundell. The Swedes had a chance as well, but before the second half, Mikko Bateman managed to equalize twice. Alnefelt propheted his back trick.

Another great opportunity was not changed by Pitman in the 43rd minute. On the other hand, Soderblom and Raymond could increase their lead. At 51:04, the Finns were spared thanks to Captain Anton Lundell’s shot from the right circle.

Complete the selection of pennanine shift. At first, Mikko Kokkonen shot the goal building with a hidden shot, and Bateman did not divert another chance, but then pushed the ball behind the goal behind the Swedish goalkeeper on the right post Hirvonen, who was happy with his first goal in the tournament.

The hated German Russians kept a watch

At first, Germany defended itself in weakness and could advance in the sixth minute, but Jaroslaw Askarov took advantage of the right post after Tim Stotzel’s hat-trick this year, which Ottawa chose. At 9:06, Vasily Ponomargov weakened and defeated Florian Burgl with a bluff in the front blow.

At the start of the second half, Askerov fired a Stuttgart shot and Florian Elias missed the open goal. In the 29th minute, Daniel Basquerov secured the lead with a shot from the left circle, but the Germans did not give up and affected the match.

In the 44th minute, Florian Elias, the son of the Czech mother, scored his fourth goal and ninth point in the tournament, and coach Tobias Abstreiter’s team entered the match. In less than three minutes, John Jason Petrka managed to counter the counterattack and Luca Munzenberger missed in the end.

In the 52nd minute, Peterek’s passes poured through the top bar Ilias, who had another choice in the end, but the team defended their close lead.

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Summary of the match Russia – Germany

“We can feel really proud of this tournament. We are disappointed that we lost. We had a chance, but Russia also played well. We are the first twenty Germans to qualify for the quarter-finals and I am happy because I was the captain of this tournament. Team,” he said. Stützle.

The Germans played the first three fights in the group with only five defenders and nine forwards due to infection with the Coronavirus.

“The Germans played similarly to Czech – defensive hockey with close defense and waited for the counter-attack,” Russian coach Igor Larionov said after the match, recalling the defeat by the Czech team in the 0-2 group.

“They didn’t give us a lot of chances. If they did, we didn’t score the goal. The opponent showed a lot of energy. It was a tough quarter-final match, but it was always like that,” added Larionov. The Russians will fight for the 10th medal in the past 11 years. Since 2011, they have won gold one time, four silver times and four times bronze. They weren’t on the podium in 2018 alone in Buffalo.

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Summary of the match between America – Slovakia

The last finalists to the semi-finals are the United States

USA hockey players have won 5: 2 against Slovakia and Finland waiting for them in Monday’s battle for the final. Slovakia managed to dramatize the match by reducing it from 0: 3 to 2: 3, but the favorites secured the lead in the end.

“The quarter-finals are always difficult. You have to play well to eliminate your opponents. Russia got through that, Canada here and the Finns found a way to turn the game around. Now we have to switch and prepare for Finland. It’s going to be a big battle,” said United States coach Nate Lehman. Past (in the quarter-finals) “.

Initially, the Slovaks did not use the power game, with Matthew Boldi excluded and in the 11th minute they were twice as weak during the punishment of David Modrak. After Boldi’s pass, Arthur Kaliyev headed to the open goal.

After untapped numerical advantages on both sides, John Farinacci increased in the 32nd minute, beating Šimon Latkóczy through the screen from the blue line. After fouls by Roman Faith and Oliver Turan, he adjusted Caulfield to 3–0 in a five-on-three power game.

However, the Slovaks did not give up, and at 38:32, Matti Kaslik outpaced Spencer Knight from the right circle. Halfway through the final act, while Drew Hilson was on the penalty spot, Dominic Sujka adjusted the difference between Samuel Kochik’s shots.

However, in the 56th minute, he led from behind Farinachi’s goal and cleverly increased the backhand to 4: 2. The score was completed 84 seconds before the end in a power-up game for an empty goal by Matthew Beniers.

“We had a lot of young talent in the team and we showed great potential. We were not afraid to give them a chance. When they work on themselves, they will get better every day. We have to keep working with them until they mature more,” said Slovak coach Robert Petrovic.

Quarter-final results of the World Hockey Players U-20 Championship:

Russia-Germany 2: 1 (1: 0, 1: 0, 0: 1)
Goals and records: 10. Ponomargov (Chizakov, Bardakov), 29. Bashkirov (Avanasgiev, Grechuk) – 44. Ilias. Judges: Kowalski, Minniti-Harris, Mackie (all of them were). Exclusion: 5: 2. No use. In doubling: 1: 0.

Finland-Sweden 3: 2 (0: 2, 1: 0, 2: 0)
Goals and records: 26. Nikkanen (Ferro, Lambert), 52. Lundell (Hainola), 60. Hirvonen – 15. Raymond (A. Johansson), 17. Söderblom (Raymond). Judges: Gwen, Langen-Manila, Aucoin (all of them were …). Elimination: 5: 3, plus Helenius (fin) 10 minutes. Usage: 0: 1. No spectators.

United States – Slovakia 5: 2 (1: 0, 2: 1, 2: 1)
Goals and records: 11. Kalliev (Poldi, Zegras), 32. Varinacci (Johnson, Perard), 37. Kofield (Zegras), 56. Varinacci (Brink), 59. Beniers (Brink) – 39. Kaslik (German)), Kolenič), 50. Sojka (Kažko). Judges: La Bonte, Pierce-Brunel, and Ironk (all of them were). Disqualification: 4: 5, plus Slaggert (USA) 10 minutes. Usage: 2: 1. No spectators.

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