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The first appearance of Shaima Ali and her daughter after birth

The first appearance of Shaima Ali and her daughter after birth

The artist, Shaima Ali, shared her followers with the first photo she collected with her daughter, which she put two days ago and named her Nostalgia.

Al-Haneen, Shaima Ali’s daughter, appeared with her in a photo she posted hours ago through her official account on Instagram, where the mother was satisfied with showing the newborn girl from behind.

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Shaima Ali embraced her daughter, who wore the distinctive white infant dress for newborns, and wrote hanging on her picture: “A thousand praise be to God, whose grace is done good deeds.

Congratulations were poured out on the image of Shaima Ali’s newborn daughter, and a number of Kuwaiti stars and celebrities participated in congratulating her, wishing her safety and her daughter’s preservation and blessing.

The artist, Fatima Al-Tabbakh, congratulated Shaima Ali, commented: “Congratulations, you are raised with your dignity, and thank God for your safety.”

Shaima Ali shared another photo from the visit of the able artist, Hayat Al-Fahd, to her in the hospital, expressing her gratitude and appreciation for this visit dear to her heart.

Commenting on her picture with Hayat Al-Fahd, Shaima Ali wrote: “May my Lord prolong my life and be happy, my mother.

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Shaima Ali also participated in the pictures that showed the visits of stars, family and friends to her, a group of pictures that she combined for her visitors in the postpartum room.

Shaima Ali commented: “Thank you from the bottom of my heart, my beloved, to everyone who visited me and to everyone who congratulated me. I will return her to you with joy.”

Shaima Ali had announced the arrival of her newborn two days ago through her account on the Snapchat application and said: “Praise be to God, who gave me a soul for my soul and a second pulse for my heart.

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