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The first appearance of the Qatari artist, Ghazi Hussein, after he suffered a heart attack (video)

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homeland- The famous Qatari artist, Ghazi Hussein, suffered a heart attack, which caused him to be taken to the hospital and undergo surgery, and “Hussein” reassured his fans and fans, stressing the improvement of his health in his first appearance after the operation.

He was the artist Ghazi HusseinHe fell ill and entered the Heart Hospital, and underwent an operation to open the blocked artery, while he is now convalescing.

He underwent a catheterization operation to open the artery, which was completely closed

The prominent Qatari artist appeared in a video circulating while he was on his bed in a hospital, where he first thanked everyone who asked about him.

He added that his health crisis passed well, adding that the interest in his condition is evidence of the love of his dear fans in the world Diameter and beyond.

He also called on Ghazi Hussein “that God grant him health and wellness so that he may continue giving to make his audience happy and the love between him and this audience to continue.”

Hussein revealed that he underwent a catheter operation to open the artery that was completely closed, indicating at the same time that there are other blocked arteries and he will review the doctors later to open the other arteries first, and his condition is generally stable.

Ghazi Hussain surrounded by his fans

Critic Dr. Hassan Rashid said in a phone call to the newspaper:Raya“The Qatari artist is surrounded by his loved ones from the family, and a large number of friends who were keen to check on him, and he extended his thanks on behalf of Hussein to everyone who asked about him.

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He said, “People’s love is always shown at such times. The Al-Raya family also hopes for a speedy recovery for the great artist, for the sake of his fans and fans who are waiting to see him in front of the cameras and on stage in his full health, continuing his artistic career and drawing happiness in the hearts of the audience.

The Emirati artist wasHabib GhuloomHe revealed that his colleague, Ghazi Hussein, had suffered an acute heart attack, which necessitated his urgent transfer to the hospital.

And he said through his official account on Twitter: “Prayers, dear ones, for the great Qatari artist, Ghazi Hussein, after he suffered a heart attack.”

And he continued: “I ask the Lord Almighty to protect him and bless his life … Your safety, Abu Nazim, is reward and wellness. You will not see evil, God willing.”

Who is the artist Ghazi Hussein?

Ghazi Hussein, a Qatari actor, was born in 1950. He graduated from the Arabic Language Department at Beirut Arab University.

Ghazi started his artistic career on Qatar Radio in 1968, where he presented many variety programmes.

Then, “Hussein” participated in Qatari TV through children’s programmes, on top of which was the program (Iftah Ya Simsim).

During the seventies, Ghazi Hussein participated in many plays, the first of which was the play “The Rest of the Will” with the Qatar Theater Company.

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But his real fame came with his work in TV series, the first of which was the series (Excuse me, sir), and after that he participated in many series, including: (The Last of the Anqoud, Human Ruling, Another Day, Calm and Storms).