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The first Arab young man to be adopted by "NASA" for his research..and this is what he said

The first Arab young man to be adopted by “NASA” for his research..and this is what he said

During the past hours, the name of the young Elias Aidi emerged in the United States of America, specifically in the space agency “NASA”, after he was awarded the “NASA Hubble Fellowship”, which is the most prestigious award in astrophysics, which enables him to develop research proposed to the agency, to be the first researcher A Lebanese Arab qualifies for this scholarship at the global level.

Elias Aidi, the 33-year-old father, arrived with his Sudanese colleague, who are the only Arabs, to be on a list of 24 young researchers from around the world, to form the elite of astrophysicists and astronomers, granting them a “Hubble” fellowship that enables them to follow up and fund research. For a period of 3 years, starting next August, under the wing of NASA, including satellites, facilities and facilities.

In a statement to Al, he revealed that the subject of his study, which he submitted to NASA, focused on the field of nuclear and atomic physics and stellar explosions. He explained that when these explosions occur in the universe, they are monitored by satellites and then analyzed to find out the truth of what is happening.

cosmic explosion analysis

He also added that these explosions are like “laboratories” that do not exist on our planet, because humans are unable to simulate the amount of energy and the rates of heat that accompany it.

Elias is a young Lebanese man from the city of Tripoli in the north of the country, currently residing in the United States of America, where he works as a researcher and professor at Michigan State University in the field of research in astrophysics and space science.

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He studied physics at the Lebanese University and graduated in 2011, then pursued a master’s degree in astrophysics in a joint program with the Universities of Saint Joseph (USJ) and Notre Dame of Louaize (NDU), to graduate in 2014.

Ibn Tripoli

Passionately, Aidi said: “I am proud that I am the son of Tripoli, the city of knowledge and scholars… They gave us safety and took from us what amazes the world.”

In addition, the young man was keen to send a message to the “desperate” Lebanese youth about the tragic situation that Lebanon has reached, considering that there is an opportunity for change through the parliamentary elections on May 15th.

He explained that he had registered abroad to exercise his right to vote in order to change the status quo for 30 years, as he put it. He said, “Our goal is to get representatives to Parliament who want to work for Lebanon and the Lebanese. We want to improve the situation so that we can return and stability in our country. I am optimistic and we have to take advantage of the hope that awaits us on May 15.”

Elias Aidi

Elias Aidi

It is noteworthy that the “NASA” scholarship obliges Aidi to stay in the United States in order to continue his astronomical research, but he returns to Lebanon whenever work conditions permit him, especially since his family settles there.

Before returning to the United States, he was honored by a local association in his hometown of El Mina, Tripoli, in the presence of his family and members of the educational staff at the Mar Elias School from which he graduated.

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