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The first comment from Omar Kamal on the resignation of Hani Shaker from the union

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Egyptian festival performer Omar Kamal commented on the decision to resign from the Egyptian Musical Professions Syndicate, wishing him success in all cases..

Kamal said, during his meeting with the “Fuchsia” channel: “If he resigned in order to devote himself to his art, songs and concerts, we wish him all the best so that he can enjoy his art, but if he resigned because he was upset by the many differences, we deeply regret it.”

It is noteworthy that Hani Shaker had announced his resignation from the position of head of the Syndicate of Musical Professions, stressing that his decision is final and is not retracted.

In another context, he criticized the statements of festival performer Hassan Shakoush, which led to the deletion of the song “Bint Al Jeeran” from YouTube.

He said: “Hassan Shakoush is spontaneous and kind, and was influenced by some opinions that are not true, and there is part of the melody of the girl’s song, Al-Jeeran, which is adapted from an old song by the artist Muhammad Hamaki, and we agreed with them on a formula and reconciliation, and the neighbor’s girl sang and broke the world.”

He expressed his sadness due to the deletion of the song, adding: “Hassan Shakoush came out. He said that Muhammad Hamaki’s song was originally stolen, and this is not true, and this upset the artist, Muhammad Hamaki, and the song makers, so they decided to express their anger by closing the neighbor’s girl. ».

He indicated that he will communicate with them as soon as possible to solve this crisis and agree with them to return the song again.

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And about his choice of an artist from outside Egypt who loves to do a duet with him, he said that there are many who like to sing with them.

He added: “Saad Lamjarred is a great artist, and I like to do a duet with him, and the artist Hussein Al Jasmi I wish to sing with him, and on the occasion of us in Syria, I wish to stand on one stage with the artist Asala or do a duet with her, or the artist George Wassouf.”