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The first Czech ascent in the Himalayas.  Holeček says hell was at the top of Baruška

The first Czech ascent in the Himalayas. Holeček says hell was at the top of Baruška

Although the climbing season in Nepal has been complicated again due to the situation around the global Covid-19 pandemic, Czech climbers have recorded two first ascent routes to the local mountains.

Marek Hollijk and Radek Groh climbed Paronzi (7,129 meters) on Tuesday evening, despite the unfavorable weather.

“Hell is on top. Rada and I climbed a new route through a northwest wall at around 4 pm and after a few minutes we crossed the top of Barushka. We did not even take pictures, did not express joy and immediately continued until Hell the weather allowed us to descend. As for the sixth residents.” We don’t have to wait long, and we have about seven thousand. We lay in wet things in fully-packed sleeping bags, pray for at least for a while tomorrow going down to Hoolijk and said on a satellite phone, the valley will be visible.

Girl and Gro, who climbed Mount Huandwe in Peru two years ago to honor the memory of a Czech expedition that died under the mountain in 1970, came across the ruins of a tent belonging to other Czech climbers, Peter Matchold and Jacob Vanik, on board. The Road to Baronets. They wandered on the mountainside eight years ago in the torrential torrents and no one has seen them since.

“We passed an arc down a 60-degree slope with the remains of a tent that had already partially grown into ice. I remember the sad story of my friends Peter and Cuba, who came here years ago with an idea similar to us. However, something went wrong and since then no one has ever seen it,” he mentioned. Holeček with their sad fate in a previous report.

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At the beginning of May, Holeček’s frequent ascent partner, Zdeněk Hák, also scored priority mountaineering, with whom he twice won the prestigious Zlatý cepín award.

Despite the health problems, Hak with Jaroslaw Bansky conquered the new road Kačenčung ar (6030), which they climbed across the northern wall and descended from the northwest slope.

“We climbed to the summit around noon. I couldn’t believe we could do that. I have never experienced such a difficult ascent in the Himalayas,” Commented Common ascent in a snow hook flood.

They named the new road “Ádův nebeský traverse” in honor of the former head of the Krkonoše mountain service, Adolf Klepš, who died in Sněžka in 2017.

There will be a lack of other interesting ascent, at least this season in the Himalayas. And it is not just because of the monsoons, which regularly end the spring of the season. Unfortunately, Nepal has not Struggles With a strong wave of Coronavirus, which, among other things, struck the base camp at Mt. Everest, and despite the health risks, travel to and from the country is extremely complicated.