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The first girls’ boxing club to open its doors in Gaza

Since entering the world boxing At the age of nine, Farah finds in the game an outlet from the pressures of daily life, while this sport is associated with men in people’s minds.

Troy Farah in the first center Palestinian For women’s boxing in Gaza, “we used to play in a very small and narrow place, so that we could learn the basics, as we did not have a ring.”

She added, “We developed, and we opened for the first time a club with the first arena in Gaza, so we became just Laws We play with better technique, empty more negative energy, and take in more air.”

As more joined in, everyone moved out of the garage and began training on the beach or in rented premises before moving into the club’s new premises.

Ayoub says, “I was bravely determined to continue, so I took the girls to more than one club, and with the passage of time I became convinced of the matter, meaning that the girls play boxing in turn.”

The number of trainees has now reached about 40 girls who train in the center, which includes a boxing ring, training equipment and posters on the walls of boxing champions such as Mike Tyson, defying expectations.

And Ayoub added, “On this ring, we taught the girls the rules of the game, that is, how to hit and the various rules. The ring is currently five and a half meters.”

Farah says, “People used to say to me: What do you have to do with boxing, and what will you benefit from it? It is better for you to learn something that will benefit you, but that is not true. Today I benefit from sports, and my ambition is to represent the Palestinian people and participate in a world championship.”

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Nihal Abu Al-Qumsan, 39 years old, Farah’s mother, said that she was keen to respect her daughter’s wish, so she accepted what she wanted, and then she noticed that she had become better psychologically, because she returned home happy.