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The first group of Afghan homosexuals arrived in Britain

The first group of Afghan homosexuals arrived in Britain

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The British government announced the arrival of 29 Afghan homosexuals to the United Kingdom and announced its welcome to receive additional groups of homosexuals wishing to leave the country.

The British government, in a statement on Friday, confirmed the success of the first group acquisition process; Thanks to the Foreign Secretary’s intervention and the support of the British and Canadian organizations Stonewall and Rainbow Railroad.

Under the Taliban, the government said, LGBT people are among the most vulnerable groups in Afghanistan, with many facing levels of persecution, discrimination and abuse.

Under the Taliban, LGBT people in Afghanistan were the most vulnerable, with many facing levels of persecution, discrimination and abuse.

Earlier this year, the UK was one of several countries that helped expel vulnerable Afghans as part of a crackdown.

Now the first group of 29 LGBT + Afghans have arrived in Britain and started their new careers, and it is hoped that many of them will be first.

Since the end of Operation Pitting, the UK has helped more than 13,000 people flee Afghanistan, including British and Afghan nationals, in late August.

Secretary of State Liz Truss said: “Britain is a fierce champion of freedom and all people have the right to be themselves and to love whomever they want without persecution.”

“We have played a key role in expelling these people and will do everything we can to get Afghanistan out of danger.”

The team arrived in the UK after the Foreign Secretary’s intervention with the support of Rainbow Railroad and Stonewall.

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“Since the fall of Kabul, efforts have been made with Rainbow Railroad to create protection for homosexuals, bisexuals, transgender and sexual individuals and Afghans at great risk,” said Kimahli Powell, CEO of Rainbow Railroad. Together with others, we have directly moved dozens of people to safer countries where they can be freed from state persecution.

“This is the beginning of our efforts to help the hundreds of LGBT people we support in Afghanistan move to safer places,” he continued.

The group will continue to support students and activists and organizations that have repeatedly advocated for equality for the LGBT + community in Afghanistan.

More LGBTI individuals are expected to arrive in the UK in the coming months, and the Afghan resettlement program will provide protection to people at risk or in need.

The program prioritizes those who have aided the UK efforts in Afghanistan and key values ​​such as democracy, women’s rights and freedom of expression.

Victims will also be given priority, including women, girls and vulnerable minorities.