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The first helicopter flight over Mars has been postponed. There were errors during the test

The United States’ National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) announced Saturday that it will have to delay the first test flight of 1.8kg of all Ingenuity helicopters, made from coal fibers.

During testing, when a pair of opposing loops was used a second time (this time at high speed), the command sequence leading to the startup was terminated.

Before flight, the Martian plane can rotate the rotors at 2,537 rpm, check all functions, and then start. After climbing at a speed of about 1 meter per second, the flight is filled 3 meters high for 20 and 30 seconds. Sweat the drill machine again on the surface of Mars.

Just to remind you, this high velocity is due to impending Mars atmosphere. The speed of the propeller on the ground is about ten times higher.

Peruenit test

The Americans now have to assess what happened during the Peru test, and thus have now postponed the first flight by at least three days, that is, until April 14th. It does not have to be conclusive, rather it will be based on the evaluated data obtained.

So far, it has been working fine. In April, creativity broke with perseverance, set up the lights and somewhat banished solar panels. Pakroztoila rotors at 50 rpm.

Since then, it has been vertical to its solar panels. Recharge the battery, and use its energy not only to fly, but also to keep warm during the night, when the temperature on Mars drops to -90 ° C.

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It has now been confirmed that good insulation, adequate ignition and sufficient battery power to make the night chill, a great dash of our darkness, have praised the MiMi Aungov mini-helicopter fighter.

The problem occurred during testing, which is to test the functionality of this drone before flight, especially the characteristics of the high-speed winding.

According to NASA, the sequence leading to the transition between named pre-flight and flight modes has been prematurely terminated. Test terminated by control software that alerts the system to potential problems.

The helicopter team will check telemetry to diagnose and understand the problem. Then create a new full test at full speed, On NASA on her blog.

It is possible that NASA will be able to make only one flight in a few years, because creativity will only be able to work on Mars for about 30 salts, that is, those days. However, it was the wheel rush that would fetch a lot of useful data.

Form and game

When starting up this machine, you can create your Ingenuity paper mockup. Introduction to its production Unexpected.

NASA TAC Weep running outHow to make a simple game in Scratch (educational programming language) where you can fly this helicopter over Mars.

You can see the machine from all directions In this 3D animation.