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První supermarket v tehdejším Československu otevřel v červnu 1991 v Jihlavě nizozemský maloobchodní řetězec Ahold v místě dnešního supermarketu Albert.

The first in Czechoslovakia: thirty years ago, Jilava began the era of supermarkets

Mana was opened on June 6, 1991 in Jihlava’s largest residential area, Březinky. “Today, when there is a supermarket or hypermarket on every corner, not even witnesses can believe it, but then it was a big deal. It was not,” said Tomas Vivar, then a member of the Czech National Council, who advocated setting up a store in Jihlavar, There is something at that level until then.”

The store in the residential real estate shopping center Vysočina was brought to Czechoslovakia by the Dutch company Ahold, now the operator of the Albert store network. “It was funny in a way. And bus tours traveled from Jihlava to Slovakia. For the first time we saw things like cut flowers or steaks.”

But the just cut flowers became a failure. There was no interest in them. On the contrary, most of them went to the sale of apples, especially the Jonagold varieties. As the periodical wrote, the average mana client spent about a hundred crowns, which today is about 350 kroner.

Many clients didn’t thin out even months after the grand opening “but it wasn’t worth going to Mana for the day shopping. There were also a lot of cross-country skiers, so you were expecting a lot,” added another resident of the Drahoslava Kazdova housing estate.

Mana Store, which started a boom in supermarkets, and a few years later, the country’s supermarkets ended after less than eight years. Julius Meinl supermarket opened in the former building in June. Albert is there right now.

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