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The first message from Sultan Al Neyadi after his arrival at the International Space Station..What did he say in it?

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – The Emirati astronaut sent, on Friday, the first direct message, after his arrival with the crew of the Crew-6 flight, to the International Space Station, according to a tweet attached to a video published by the Emirates News Agency (WAM) on Twitter.

Al Neyadi said in the video: “Thank you very much to everyone who stood with us. Praise be to God. We reached the International Space Station. Thank you to my mother and father. Thank you to my family, for our wise leadership that gave us this confidence. Oh God, praise be to you. The UAE is taking great steps, God willing, to follow with greater steps.” God willing, in the future.”

Al Neyadi added: “This is all thanks to the wise leadership, its vision, and the international cooperation that the United Arab Emirates follows. Space is a wide field, and of course international cooperation is welcome. The UAE is making great strides in this field. Oh God, praise be to You. Our partnership this time came in the context of carrying out a long mission.” Long term, in which there is a human benefit and a benefit for humanity, as well as scientific research that, God willing, will be beneficial to everyone.

The “Dragon” spacecraft carrying the Neyad was successfully docked with the Crew-6 crew to the International Space Station.

The Crew-6 flight has taken more than 24 hours since launch, Thursday, from the Kennedy Space Center in the US state of Florida.

This mission to space will be the longest ever in the history of the Arab countries, as it will take 6 months.

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Al Neyadi also sent a message of thanks to the Mohammed bin Rashid Space Center, which gave him the confidence to carry out this mission, explaining, “The UAE is taking great steps to explore space.”