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The first monk in the world .. 5 places you will not expect during your visit to the sea

The first monk in the world .. 5 places you will not expect during your visit to the sea

11:07 AM

Sunday 19 June 2022

Books – Hossam El Din Ahmed:

The Red Sea Governorate enjoys a set of great tourism potentials that made it a destination for many tourist delegations, due to its diversity of destinations and regions that offer tourists many options, whether beach, historical, or even medical and religious tourism.

Masrawy monitored the 5 most prominent tourist destinations in the Red Sea Governorate during the following lines.

Wadi Hammamet bears traces of the ancients

Wadi Al-Hamamat is one of the favorite tourist places in the Red Sea Governorate, due to its tourist advantages that combine charming nature as well as ancient Pharaonic monuments dating back to the era of the Fifth Dynasty.

The Wadi al-Hamamat is by a river that dried up and became a narrow, winding river frequented by the ancient Egyptians. It is located between the mountains of the eastern desert. In the valley, the remains of the huts of the ancient Egyptian workers can be seen, on the side of which are tablets written in hieroglyphics dating back to the era of the Fifth Dynasty.

From the pharaonic to the short Islamic “City of Ages”

The city of Al-Qusayr in the Red Sea combines evidence from 3 different eras, starting with the Pharaonic era, passing through the Roman era, all the way to the Islamic era.

It is a city used in the past by Queen Hatshepsut on her expedition to Punt, and it was in the Pharaonic era used to prospect for gold, and it contains antiquities dating back to the Pharaonic, Roman and Islamic eras as well, and it also contains a gold mine in Wadi Al-Fawahir.

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The first monk in the world.. Monastery of Anba Antonios

The Red Sea Governorate contains tourist attractions from ancient times, including the monastery of Anba Antonios, who was considered the first monk in the world.

The Monastery of Anba Antonios is located at the foot of Mount El-Jalalah al-Qibli, in the Arab desert, near Zafarana. It is the first monastery built in the world. It was named after the monk Antony, considered by the Copts in Egypt to be the father of monks, as he was the first monk in the world.

The monastery of Anba Antonios contains 7 churches, including the church of Monk Anthony, the oldest building in the monastery. It includes 75 domes, some of which belong to the fourth century, and 3 walls dating back to different ancient times. It contains a holy well, a museum, a sculpture of Anba Antonios, and an icon of Christ.

Samadai Reserve.. the largest in the world

There are in Marsa Alam, also called the house of dolphins, more than 5000 dolphins, and the reserve is also characterized by wonderful coral reefs, in the middle of which dolphins sleep during the day.

Samadai Reserve is one of the largest dolphin reserves in the world, and is considered one of the most beautiful tourist areas in the Red Sea.

Monos Claudianus, the land of red marble

Monos Claudianus is located in Hurghada, a Roman city that contains the remains of walls and columns from the Roman era. It also contains red marble that was used by the pharaohs and the Romans.

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