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مسجد في ألمانيا يرفع علم الشواذ

The first mosque to raise the gay flag in Germany under the slogan “Love is halal” (video)

homeland- Media revealed that the “Ibn Rushd Mosque” in Berlin had become the first mosque in Germany to raise the flag of homosexuals, in a move that sparked widespread controversy on the communication sites.

A mosque in Germany raises the gay flag

It is referred to as a mosque Ibn Rushd – GoetheThe aforementioned is the first “liberal” mosque, founded by a woman, in which women are allowed to lead men in prayer, as well as women pray side by side with men.

According to what was reported by the newspaper,The IndependentIn a statement, the mosque mentioned that it is the first German mosque to raise the “rainbow” flag in the emblem of homosexuals to support them.

The newspaper report continued: “The Ibn Rushd Mosque, which is claimed to be the only “liberal” mosque in the country, raised the gay flag in front of a small audience on Friday, July 1.”

According to pictures and clips circulated on the communication sites, he wrote in the middle of the gay flag that raised the mosque on its doors the words “Love is halal” in Arabic and English.

The founder of the mosque, Siran Athes, claimed in a press statement that raising the gay flag is “very important” for Muslim LGBTQ people, according to his claim.

One of the imams of the mosque talks about the move

Muhammad al-Kitab, one of the imams of Ibn Rushd Mosque, also stated in statements to the German radio station “Deutsche Welle,” that the religious institution is “a safe place for individuals so they can also experience the spiritual side of their lives.”

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He continued, “I hope that many other mosques will take such a step or provide other positive signals for the LGBT community.”

It is referred to as the “LGBT community”.

This comes ahead of two major gay events in the German capital, Berlin, this month.

Raising the flag of homosexuals on the mosque “Ibn Rushd-Goethe” before Friday prayers.

Some of the attendees wore rainbow-colored LGBT posters that read, “Love is halal.”

This mosque was established 5 years ago and is the only liberal mosque in Germany.

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