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The first Muslim to carry the British flag at the opening of the Tokyo Olympics

Khabarni – The Guardian newspaper said that the British team participating in the Tokyo Olympics will be led for the first time by a Muslim player carrying the British flag.

She added that the gold medalist in the rowing race, Mohamed Sobhi, will make history on Friday after he was announced as the first Muslim to carry the British flag at the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games, and will be attended by Hanna Mills, who is a supporter of clean oceans and the prevention of the use of plastic in sports.

This is the first time that the two competitors will participate in carrying the flag after the International Olympic Games Committee announced last year that each national Olympic Games committee can nominate an athlete to carry the national flag.

Sobhi and Mills follow in the footsteps of great British players, including Andy Murray, Regatta champion Sir Matthew Bennett, Sir Steve Redgrave and Anita Lonsborough, who was the first woman to carry the British flag in Tokyo in 1964.

Sobhi, who was chosen from his school in Kingston to train in a rowing program outside the framework of traditional public schools, was proud of his choice. He said: “It’s an honor and this is an important moment in the Olympic movement – people remember those pictures and I remember pictures of Andy (Mary) in Rio before I rowed, and I remember watching Sir Matt and Sir Steve, and that’s something I’m very proud of, and it’s going to be a strange experience and participating in The occasion of the opening of the Olympic Games, and this year with the schedule of competitions is something that can be tolerated even if I am not the flag bearer, and it will be a special moment and it will complete my puzzle in the Olympic Games.”

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The religiously observant Subaihi was the first Muslim to participate in the rowing race before winning the gold in the Rio Olympic Games. He said, “I got a medal and attended the closing ceremony, and to attend the opening ceremony and be at the forefront of the team alongside Hanna Mills is a life memory that I will never forget.”

Mills, who will be defending her 470th title alongside Eldi McIntyre in Tokyo, said her choice is an important moment in her life, adding: “Being asked to carry the GB team flag at the Olympics opening ceremony is a sentence I never thought I’d utter, and it’s a great honor in my life. I hope this tournament will advance our country and deliver great sporting moments that will inspire the nation.”

In 2019, Mills announced the Great Plastics Pledge, which aims to stop the use of plastic in sports, and last year she was chosen to be the ambassador of the European Climate Treaty, and said: “Every beach, marina and harbor I sailed through was full of plastic,” which “opened the gateway to my entry into the world of sustainability, and I want To use my sports expertise, networks and career to spread awareness, change behavior and influence others on issues related to climate change.”