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The first Octavia Combi was launched 60 years ago.  Do you know the size of her bag?  And she offered bedding?

The first Octavia Combi was launched 60 years ago. Do you know the size of her bag? And she offered bedding?

In July 1961, production of the first Skoda Octavia Combi began in Kvasini. Did you know they provide bedding too?

AZNP was still working on a more practical version of the Octavia Tudor, which began production in 1959, in the 1950s, and the first prototype was completed in two-tone lacquer during September 1959.

The final Combi was then presented to the public on September 11, 1960 at the International Engineering Fair in Brno, but until April 1961, operational tests were still underway, and the matching took place in mid-May. From July, production began.

Like the Tudor, the Octavia Combi used a workhorse body frame with independent all-wheel suspension. After all, the name of the model is associated with the concept: Octavia was the eighth in a series of models built in this way, so the basis of its name is the Latin number octo, that is, eight, or octava – eighth. And from the ancient era, the female name Octāvia was born, which was acquired by the car.

However, the interpretation of the ideology of that time talked about the model Mladá Boleslav VIII since the nationalization of the automaker in October 1945. An alternative interpretation refers to the situation in the development chain started in 1934 by the Popular First Republic model.

Octavia Combi was a relatively compact car with a length of 4065 mm, a width of 1600 mm and a height of 1430 mm. It was equipped with one pair of doors, which was complemented by a double tailgate, divided horizontally.

a place to sleep

The lower part at ground level is connected to the luggage compartment loading area with a volume of up to 690 liters (measured to the ceiling). Having folded the undivided rear seats down, a space is created with a length of 1495 mm and a width of 1355 mm, and up to 1050 liters of luggage can be unloaded on the roof when traveling in two.

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The interesting element was a separate space for a spare wheel. The designers found a place for it under the trunk floor, and access was provided by a separate hinged cover above the bumper.

During the modernization in 1969, this element disappeared, replaced by horizontally placed rectangular combination lamps from the Skoda 100/110. Access to the reserve is then possible only after a part of the luggage has been unloaded, but the penetration of moisture into the “pocket” with the reserve has been reduced.

Practicality and interior versatility are associated with the possibility of bedding, which all station wagons have provided at no additional charge since 1961. To create the bed, it was necessary to move the front seats completely forward and fold the backrests down. So I continued on to the second row seats. The backrests that were removed served as a headrest. In 1968, the Octavia Combi was given the opportunity to fold the backrests of the rear seats not only forward but also backward.

While only the standard Octavia was produced until 1964, the station wagon was built in Kvasini until 1971. A total of 50,244 copies were produced, the latter remaining the property of the automaker.

Almost two-thirds of station wagon production went abroad, with the exception of the neighboring countries of Czechoslovakia, especially the German Democratic Republic and Hungary, where hundreds of copies were sold to the British Isles or Norway, and dozens found their way to Australia or Iceland.

The Octavia Combi name returned to the scene in 1998 with the first generation of the currently best-selling model line from the Czech automaker. But this is a different story.

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