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The first person accused of committing riots in the Capitol has pleaded guilty, and wants a lighter sentence

The first person accused of committing riots in the Capitol has pleaded guilty, and wants a lighter sentence

John Ryan Schaeffer, a member of the far-right party, was the first to be tried in connection with the January riots at the Washington Capitol, and he has confessed to the actions the prosecutor’s office has charged.

Schafer agreed to work with the investigators to secure a lower sentence. Judge Amit Mehta said the Justice Ministry was now considering including it in the witness protection program, according to Reuters.

According to Reuters, the ministry’s inference is an indication that the Attorney General’s office considers Schafer a valuable collaborator in the investigation of the activities of extremist groups and individuals who participated in the attack on Congress on January 6. Lawmakers in the building have just discussed the official confirmation that Democrat Joe Biden will win the presidential election. However, then-US President Donald Trump continued the claim without evidence that Biden had fraudulently won.

Schafer, a Trump supporter, admitted breaking into a building with restricted access without permission, using pepper spray against a Capitol security guard. During the riots, he wore a type of military jacket and a hat that read “Lifetime Member of the Oathkeepers”. He also admitted to investigators that he was one of the founders of this extremist group that publicly declares violence.

Schafer did not face charges in a major case against several of the Oathkeepers, who, according to the OTP, worked directly to prevent Biden’s gains from being confirmed. According to Reuters, this case is the largest and most dangerous that investigators have dealt with after the riots.

The authorities say the defendants in the case have attended Washington Prepare for violent clashes with a clear intention to prevent the democratic process. They wore military uniforms and helmets, and some were reported to have discussed the need to place “rapid reaction units” outside the city in case weapons were needed during a skirmish in Congress.

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Heavy metal guitarist Iced Earth Schaffer admitted to investigators that he was one of the first to storm the Capitol after the crowd locked the police-guarded front door. According to court documents, he is a “long-time supporter of the far-right views” and has spoken in the past of the federal government as a criminal enterprise. Schafer reported himself to the FBI after investigators released his photo in the Wanted Division.

In connection with the riots that have claimed the lives of five, the authorities are pursuing more than 370 people. The Ministry of Justice stated that it was trying to obtain an admission of guilt and a promise to cooperate in exchange for better punitive terms than the other defendants.

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In the US Senate, they begin to provide evidence in a trial with former President Donald Trump. He is accused of fomenting violence in Congress. | Video: Reuters