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The first picture of the 9 children of the Malian woman with the largest record number of children

The first group photos were taken of the nine children of the financial woman, who holds the world record for having twins, as she prepares to leave her children nursery and return home soon, according to the British newspaper, “Daily Mail”.

According to the British newspaper, Halima Cisse is proud of her young children, five months after she made headlines around the world when she was born in a clinic in Casablanca, Morocco, breaking the previous world record set by Nadia Slimane in 2009, for having eight children.

The report according to the Daily Mail

“They are all doing very well, they are happy to take care of them, they are getting stronger every day and they may be allowed to leave full-time medical care soon, so we can take them home,” Halima Cisse told the Daily Mail.

family assembled
Halima Cisse, her husband and their nine children

Halima Cissé’s 9 babies weighed between 500g and 1kg at birth, and had to stay in the clinic’s intensive care unit nurseries where they were cared for around the clock by a team of doctors and nurses, but now the nine babies have gained more weight and are continuing to breastfeed. Prosperity means that they can soon return to their home country, Mali.

With the babies approaching six months old, Halima Cisse and her husband, Kader Arbi, 35, celebrated by posting these touching new photos that show them together as a group..

The woman and her husband are in the hospital
Halima Cisse and her husband in the hospital

The new photos show the boys – Omar, El Hadji, Bah and Mohamed VI – wearing green rompers with the word “brother” on them, while the girls – Adama, Omo, Hawa, Kadiya and Fatuma – wear a mix of baby pink and blue clothes.

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