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The first record holders turn to customers.  Bugatti built 8 Chiron Super Sport 300+ cars

The first record holders turn to customers. Bugatti built 8 Chiron Super Sport 300+ cars

Chiron became the king of speed in 2019, when he crossed the legendary goal 482 km / h and reached a speed of 490.4 km / h. Bugatti then stated that the Super Sport 300+ would produce 30 pieces in a limited edition, and two years later they became the world’s first models.

So far, the automaker has offered only the first eight parts, which will gradually pass from France to its ardent customers. However, the appearance of the remaining 22 cars will not change. For the limited edition, Buggati has chosen a standard lacquer that combines exposed carbon fiber and signature orange.

Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300+

Photo: Bugatti

“We are delighted to be able to provide customers with the first eight models of this record-setting pioneer, so that they can experience a unique sense of absolute speed behind the wheel,” said Christophe Buchon, Director of Production and Logistics at Bugatti.

The Super Sport 300+ differs from the regular Chiron primarily in its aerodynamic features, which are enhanced by a redesigned front bumper, hood or exhaust system.

The Limited Edition also has other wheels and, above all, a modified W16 engine, which produces an incredible 1,578 hp instead of the usual 1,479 hp.

Unfortunately for customers, the General Edition has a specific top speed of “only” 442 km/h, so it’s not officially the fastest car in the world, but it’s one of the most popular anyway.

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