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The first response from Mohamed Ramadan to Intisar’s recent statements

10:35 PM

Wednesday 20 April 2022

Books – Hani Saber:

The star, Mohamed Ramadan, responded to the statements of the artist, Intissar, about him during the past hours, on the “Al-Arafa” program.

Ramadan re-published Intisar’s statements about him on the Masrawy website, through his account on “Facebook”, and commented: “I was looking for a job, Victory.

The artist, Intisar, talked about her relationship with the star, Mohamed Ramadan, and an unforgettable memory that occurred at the Balloon Theater.

And she said during her hosting on the “Al-Arafa” program: “My relationship with Muhammad Ramadan is strong. One of his friends is walking with him, his resemblance is strong, and they were walking with a hand bag on their shoulder, as if they were leaving the school, and they entered the balloon theater, Ibrahim Nasrallah had mercy on him and Mohsen Helmy, the director, may God have mercy on him, and we had another person on the stage, I told him what do you want, my love, I am the only one What I noticed was Sognan, he said that we are going to theaters and looking for work, by the way, he is the one who thought me.”

And she continued, “I went in, I’m very good, I told him, what do you want to do? We do rehearsals and they can be disturbed, so he said, We are going to the theaters, and we want Nourilah, he knew that this is Mohsen Helmy. , I told him about young people wanting to do a scene, he met me excited, he said ok, go for them, I looked in Ibrahim Nasr’s eye, can you tell me, what is it, he said, “Oh, Mami, come on?” It wasn’t for five minutes, then Booz’s cheek stood as if he was standing in front of the audience, and he said I will imitate Ahmed Zaki or Mohamed Saad, I do not remember, and his colleague did the second character, almost it is the work of Ahmed Zaki, and his work is sweet, strong, and all of it, and after that the second did the work of the second character, so he finished a lot of time, I mean, and promises I clapped, and Mohsen Saqaf, and the second said Bravo Boys, you are in how many years, courtesy, I mean, he has the biggest play, I told them Helen, but you must walk now, I can’t bear your burden more than that, I’m afraid I’m active, it’s hard for me that they come from the dark and at night. “

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And she added, “We were at the Cairo International Film Festival and he had a movie with Sawsan Badr, and at the festival itself after the opening, we went to a place where we gather with the foreigners and the jury, so he said, How are you, victory? What happened, but changed, I told him, I hate it. He said, “It is okay.” He said, “I remember the little boy who was with his friend and entered the Balloon Theater and Ibrahim Nasr was on the stage, and he wanted to imitate artists and I said to him, come on, fear, I am interested in him, I cared about how I did this, and the result She was healthy, with evidence that he represents Ah, now he is a little bit hot, and he wants to make the whole world feel what he feels.

It is noteworthy that Mohamed Ramadan is starring in the Ramadan 2022 drama in the series “Al-Meshwar” and co-starring Dina El-Sherbiny (Ward), Ahmed Magdy, Sabri Fawaz, Ahmed Kamal (Wajih Bey), Sabri Abdel Moneim, Bayoumi Fouad, Amr Abdel Jalil, Ghada Talaat, Nada Moussa, and others. Written by Mohamed Farid, directed by Mohamed Yassin.