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The first response from the Egyptian national team player after being punished for a girl in Tokyo

Egypt Olympic Team

Egypt’s Olympic national team player Abdel Rahman Magdy responded to the Egyptian Football Association’s statement about his suspension due to a crisis with one of the girls working at the residence hotel in Japan during the Tokyo 2020 Olympics competitions.

The first response from the Egyptian national team player after being punished for a girl in Tokyo

Abdel Rahman Magdy wrote through his personal account on the social networking site “Instagram”: “The timing is very strange and it is strange that rumors and baseless lies spread in this way. I do not need anything, my response this evening.”

For his part, Ayman Kamel, Egypt’s ambassador to Japan, revealed the fact that Abdel Rahman Magdy harassed the Japanese girl, noting that no harassment occurred, and that the crisis included a misunderstanding between the player and the girl and the matter ended immediately.

And the Egyptian Football Association issued a statement confirming the suspension of Abdel Rahman Magdy, the Ismaili club player, after he entered into a crisis with one of the workers at the Egyptian national team’s hotel in Japan.

And the Football Association stated in its statement: “Within the framework of the transparency policy pursued by the Egyptian Football Association, while the Olympic team was in Japan and a few hours before the second match, we received a complaint from the residence hotel against the player Abdel Rahman Magdy, the content of which was the abuse of one of the hotel workers, and immediately it was The player was permanently excluded, despite his confirmation that he did not intend to offend, and it is possible that the misunderstanding occurred due to the difference in language and culture, and the investigation was carried out after the match and the matter was contained, in order to ensure focus and provide stability for the rest of the players.

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The statement added: “We moved to another town to play the third match against Australia, then to the Olympic Village in Tokyo to play the quarter-final match, then we headed to the airport and from there to Cairo, and after the team returned, with the safety of God, we decided to stop the player Abdul Rahman Magdy until the investigation is over, and the final decision is taken on him.” This is due to his non-compliance and violation of the rules.”

Source: Al Watan Sport