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"خطر داهم"..نص دستوري اعتمد عليه  الرئيس التونسي في إقصاء الإخوان

The first response from the Tunisian President to describing his decisions as a “coup against the Syrian government.”

07:58 PM

Monday 26 July 2021


Tunisian President Kais Saied denounced describing his exceptional decisions taken yesterday as a “coup against the legitimate authority”, pointing out that they are consistent with the constitution and are in line with it.

Said said, in a speech broadcast by the Tunisian presidency, today, Monday, that “some people talked yesterday about a coup, and I do not know in which law school they studied, but how is the coup based on the constitution?”

He continued, “This is an application of the text of the constitution, and article 80 of the constitution grants the president the right to take measures he deems appropriate to prevent imminent danger.”

Saeed considered that there is a group that seeks to “explode the state from within” and plunder its wealth, pointing out that this will not be allowed.

Saeed said, “Some tried to monopolize power and seize all the capabilities of the state.”

Yesterday, Sunday, which coincides with the National Day to celebrate the 64th anniversary of Republic Day, Tunisian cities witnessed demonstrations and protests against the deteriorating economic conditions, especially in light of the epidemiological crisis in the country.

The demonstrators raised slogans calling for the dissolution of Parliament and the overthrow of the government. A number of the headquarters of the “Ennahda” movement, which represents the majority in Parliament, were burned and attacked.

The explosion of the political conflict and the intensification of the dispute between the Presidency of the Republic, the Presidency of the Parliament and the Presidency of the Government, which was reflected on the Tunisian street, led President Kais Saied to take exceptional measures, including freezing the work of Parliament and dissolving the government, in accordance with Article 80 of the Tunisian Constitution.

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