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The first robot lawyer in history takes his first court case

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The court hearing is scheduled to enter in February, on a date to be advised by the AI ​​to the defendant.

The technology comes from DoNotPay, which was founded in 2015 by a freshman at Stanford University and was initially developed to attract parking tickets.

The world’s first robot lawyer will operate on the defendant’s smartphone and listen to commentary to give his client instructions on what to say in arguments.

The court location, the charges and the defendant’s name have not been released, New Scientist reported.

When Joshua Browder first introduced the technology, the bot was created to reverse parking tickets in the UK, but has since expanded to the US.

However, the technology is designed in a chat format, where you can get details about your status by asking, “Have you or someone you know been driving?” The bot follows up with questions like or “Was it difficult to understand the parking signs?”.

After reviewing your answers, the bot determines whether you are eligible to appeal, and if so, it issues an appeal letter that can be submitted to the courts.

A similar format will be used in the court case in February, but he will listen to conversations between the lawyer and the defendant to guide his client on what to say next.

However, Broder said the AI ​​was trained on real-world data to minimize legal liability.

He modified the audio tool so that it doesn’t immediately react to statements, instead letting the offender finish its discussion, analyze the comments and then offer a solution.

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“It’s all about language, and lawyers are charging hundreds or thousands of dollars an hour,” said Browder, who believes the technology will one day replace lawyers.

There are still a lot of good lawyers arguing at the European Court of Human Rights, but a lot of lawyers are charging a lot of money to copy and paste documents and I think they will definitely be replaced.

And DoNotPay’s website shows that its technology could be used for things other than a bot: struggling companies; Beat the bureaucracy, find hidden money and prosecute anyone.

Bot learned the laws related to canceled and delayed flights and fare protection insurance.

DoNotPay also advises people in the US and UK on consumer and employment rights, including employment harassment or false claims in advertising.

Also, for more serious cases, users engage outside help such as pro bono legal representation.

China was the first to use artificial intelligence in court.

Last July, it was revealed that the nation was using technology to “improve” its court system by introducing laws, creating documents and warning against “perceived human errors” in judgments.