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The first Saudi forum to stimulate theatrical innovation |

The first Saudi forum to stimulate theatrical innovation |

Riyadh – Abdulaziz Al-Samael, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Saudi Arabian Society for Culture and Arts, confirmed that the idea of ​​launching the Riyadh Theater Forum for Innovative Shows in its first session arose with the aim of providing an opportunity for young talents and creators to innovate and search for new and different.

On Monday evening, the Saudi Society for Culture and Arts in Riyadh launched the Riyadh Theatrical Forum for Innovative Shows entitled “Mohamed Al-Tawyan Course”, in the presence of the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Saudi Society for Culture and Arts Abdulaziz Al-Samael, and a number of artists and those interested in artistic and theatrical affairs, at its headquarters in the Saudi capital, Riyadh. The conference will continue until Thursday, August 5.

The forum provides an opportunity for young Saudi playwrights and creators to innovate, research and renew

Al-Samael indicated that the idea is one of the important experiences for theatrical actors, as they engage together as teams in various aspects of writing, directing and acting, in addition to managing techniques and everything related to theatrical performance.

He said, “This forum was named after the artist Muhammad Al-Tuwan, in return for what Al-Tuwan presented throughout his artistic career,” wishing at the end of his speech success for all theatrical teams participating in the forum, and that their participation would be effective and distinguished.

The director of the association, Amer Al-Hamoud, confirmed in a statement that the association, through the first Riyadh theatrical forum, sought to present innovative performances, and to present young talents in the fields of theater, indicating that the method of implementing this forum is for the theatrical team to be the one who performs all stages of work from composition and selection of scenes and texts to be presented. In addition to the decoration so that they conduct a workshop within each group that will present their work in an integrated manner and they are available to display anywhere within the association’s facilities.

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He added, “We promise the young talents that this forum will continue for future sessions, and that this version of the forum will be the nucleus of many solo theatrical works and reach mass performances and a tributary of entertainment in the Kingdom.”

It is noteworthy that the forum, which started today, will last for the next three days, and will include the organization of a number of courses, workshops, theatrical and directing performances presented by young talents.