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The first season sparked controversy in Jordan..Netflix: Wait for the surprises of the series “Al-Rawabi School for Girls 2”

“Netflix” announced the completion of filming the second season of the drama “Al-Rawabi School for Girls”. Today, the platform and the author and director of the series, Tima Al-Shomali, showed video clips on communication accounts confirming the completion of filming the series, which took 60 filming days.

The first part of “Al-Rawabi School for Girls” sparked controversy in the Jordanian street, to the extent that some demanded that the series be stopped.

And a video clip shown on the Netflix communication accounts in the Middle East and North Africa showed clips indicating the return of Miss Abeer, who appeared while trying to open her own “Tik Tok” account for the first time, as she appeared in her traditional and spontaneous style completely ignorant of how to use it or even pronounce a name. The application is correct, then she pushes the camera in her hand so that she can complete her last day of filming the series, according to a statement issued by Netflix today, Tuesday.

The author and director of the work, Tima Al-Shomali, published a video on her account on “Instagram”, during which she showed clips from the scenes of filming the new season. In it, she indicated that writing the script for the series took about a year, in addition to six months of preparation and preparation and 60 days of filming, pointing out that the audience is on a date with developments and surprises that differ from any expectations during the new season. The video also showed the staff singing the anthem of Al Rawabi School for Girls, in celebration of the completion of filming the episodes of the new season.

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The start date of the second season of Al Rawabi School for Girls, exclusively on Netflix, is set to be announced later this year.

It is noteworthy that the first part of the series faced violent criticism by some, as they demanded at the time the responsible authorities to stop its show, indicating that it does not represent the Jordanian society or schools, as it seeks to destroy the values ​​and ethics of society, and perpetuate behaviors alien to it, as they mentioned at the time with the show. The first season of the series in 2021.