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The first snow fell on the saddle of the Red Mountain.  The police had to stop the main movement for two hours, house, house

The first snow fell on the saddle of the Red Mountain. The police had to stop the main movement for two hours, house, house

The main road via Cervenohorské sedlo, which connects Umperk with Jesenek, was closed in the morning due to poor mobility. Two hours later, the road runs in the direction from Jesenka to Umperk, and then also in the direction. The saddle was covered in snow and an iceberg, and movement was restricted by a truck that could not be towed. Mountains covered with snow, above a dog ten centimeters above.

The police closed the saddle due to poor movement before 09:00. The police gave her the idea to be careful. Jesenice police spokeswoman Teresa Neubauerov said, because in this section you form an iceberg, expensive vehicles cannot leave and stay on the sidewalk.

Police announced on Twitter that I / 44 pes ervenohorsk Sedlo in Jesenice area had run in both directions for one hour.

According to traffic information from the police, the glacier and snow complicate the traffic between Luna nad Desnou in Umbrian and Blou pod Praddem in Jesenice region 17 km away, cars can travel around Pemyslov, Nov Losiny, Branná, Ostruna and Lipová-lzn. The trucks must repent, the saddle must come out, police say.

Since 2017, the private companies that won the contract have been paying attention to the winter rumors of the first roads in the Olomouc region, that is, also attracting the saddle. Initially, roads are responsible for roads, etc. According to missionaries there, temperatures in the top parts of the saddle are near zero, and snow is about three centimeters. In the other hundreds in the north of the Olomouc region, temperatures are high and altitude and the roads are clear and damp.

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This is the first time that snow has fallen on the saddle of the upper mountain in the highest cities. Below the pr, u ns about six steps, the sender said the first way.

According to Jesenice dispatcher, the first roads could only be found in the top of the saddle parts. It was decided there is a lot of meters above sea level. Species and tetch wet routes in Jesenice. Initially, she did not send sypae to the tern today, for no reason, the dispatcher added.

Bl joe rno reigns in Ovrn. According to Andi, kovrnek from Jesenice Mountain Service began to dream after a full moon and snow. Jesenice mountain service dispatcher Ondej kovrnek said that the temperature is one degree below zero.

According to the experience of mountain reserves, the time is relatively early for this time, especially considering the amount of snow. In those years past I remember it snowed on June 5th, but it wasn’t much. According to the experience of colleagues, a lot of snow fell on June 18, 2003, and the coffin added at that time that it was not possible to pass without crossing the roads.