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The first technical meeting of Mohamed Henedy and Mona Zaki after more than 20 years

The first technical meeting of Mohamed Henedy and Mona Zaki after more than 20 years

After “Saidi at the American University” .. A new partnership between Mohamed Henedy and Mona Zaki in a new movie whose name has not been determined yet

Mohamed Henedy and Mona Zaki meet in a new movie
The star of Mohamed Henedy and Mona Zaki starred together in the movie “Saidi at the American University”, which was shown in 1998, and in 2021 the two stars will repeat the experience in their new movie, whose name has not yet been determined.

During a phone call to Henedy on the “Happening in Egypt” program shown on MBC Egypt, the Egyptian star talked about the details of his new movie.

It is rumored that the movie bears the name “The Jeweler”, but Henedy denied this information, saying that the profession of the film’s hero is a jeweler, but a suitable name for the movie has not been chosen yet.

And about the story of the film, Henedy said that it is social and light and he expects the audience to like it, and he expressed his happiness to work again with Mona Zaki; They haven’t worked together since “my level at the American University.”

There is an atmosphere of secrecy surrounding the film, which is being filmed at the moment, but it was rumored that it will include Tara Emad, Ahmed Al-Saadani and Arefa Abdel-Rasoul, and the film will be written by Omar Taher and directed by Islam Khairy, and no date has been set for its presentation or other details associated with it.

Henedy’s new “Man and the Mongoose” in the cinema
Away from the preparations for the new movie with Mona Zaki, Henedy will release the movie “The Man and the Nems” soon, as it is scheduled to be shown in all cinemas on August 4, which is the date corresponding to the release of the movie “Saidi at the American University,” as Henedy explained.

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On “The Man and the Mongoose,” Henedy said that the film has the ingredients for success, especially since it is under the supervision of the Egyptian director Sherif Arafa, and major stars will participate in it.

However, Henedy said that he was nervous about the audience’s reaction to the film, especially since “The Man and the Nems” is considered Henedy’s return to the world of cinema after a 4-year hiatus.

Menna Shalaby, Sabreen, Amr Abdel Jalil, Suleiman Eid and others will also participate in the film.

Henedy had earlier promoted his new movie on his personal account on Instagram by publishing a short clip of the song “Munch May Goblins”, extracted from the movie.