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The five UK government hotspots identified as cases continue to rise among young people

The five UK government hotspots identified as cases continue to rise among young people

As cases continue to rise, Kuwait’s latest “hot spot” watch list has been released in the UK.

The ZOE government (ZOE) study has identified five areas across the country with high “spread rates”.

Experts have identified Liverpool, Dundee City, South Ayrshire, North Lancashire and Manchester as areas to visit.

But the study also found that Britain’s R average is currently 1.1. – The lowest value seen since the beginning of the “third wave”.

A total of 16,703 infections were reported across the country on Thursday, and 21 people died.

According to the ZOE, it is estimated that one in 264 people in the UK suffers from government symptoms.

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Liverpool tops ZOE list

The study, based on nearly a million weekly magazines, found an increasing number of people between the ages of 20 and 29.

But cases began to be settled for more than thirty.

Tim Spector OBE, ZOE’s senior scientist and professor of genetic epidemiology at King’s College London, said:

Meanwhile, great UK holiday destinations like Cornwall are rapidly growing into new regions.

I think this was offset by a sudden influx of more than half of the holidaymakers and a number of factors, including the recent G7 summit and previously unreleased locals.

“As the summer break approaches we need to be vigilant about these UK holiday destinations and ensure that explosions are minimized by following government guidelines.

Data from the ZOE COVID study show that since the onset of the infection, more than 20 different symptoms of COVID-19 have appeared, not just the three traditional symptoms: fever, cough and loss of smell.

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The situation with COVID-19 in the UK was different last summer when new varieties and vaccines were released.

We found that both symptoms and post-vaccination symptoms were different among young people.

People urgently need to know that there are more than three classic symptoms.

The study found that the R rate has declined in the UK

“The main symptoms currently in use are: headache, runny nose, sneezing, fatigue and throat pain, Which is like a cold to many.

Previous individuals may become contagious and may quickly isolate themselves until symptoms subside and stop spreading.

“We encourage anyone who feels inferior Weather They will test quickly and stay at home. ”

The latest numbers come as people in the UK are waiting to see which countries will be added to the Travel Green list.

Despite the ministers’ silence, Malta and the Balearic Islands have been identified as potential sites.