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The fourth Grand Prix event dominated Motegi circuit spinning

The fourth Grand Prix event dominated Motegi circuit spinning

ERT Racing’s Lukáš Přáda won the fourth installment of the popular Czech-Slovak Virtual GP series. Martin Negedlik of Benzena Stable Orleans finished second at the end of the Mercedes-AMG GT3 race in Motegi, Japan, while Lukac Podstata of Entropec, the man in the standings, finished third. Podstata continue to hold the all-around championship by 19 points.

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He won the first race of the season in Imola, Italy. But then the downhill performance came out, and the rest of the starting field slip away from the point. After Japanese Mutiji, the situation is more balanced again.

The captain of ERT Racing Přáda proved that the yearning for victory did not leave him. Nejedlík II lost nearly two and a half seconds at the end. This time, Entropiqu first had to be convinced of third place, who lost six and a half seconds to the leading man.

In Japan, Martin Serotik’s fourth and fifth Michel Matuchik did not perform particularly well. Motegi’s team ranked seventh and eighth.

The ranking of riders is still dominated by Essence, which has a 19-point lead in second place. Entropiq leads with 34 points.

Virtual GP
Fourth race of virtual series GP (Motegi):
1. Lukac Bida (ERT Racing Team) 31 kol
2. Martin Njedlik (Orlin Gasoline) +2.449.70
3. Lukáš essence (Entropic) +6.561
Tournament Ranking:
1. Lukáš essence (Entropic) 82 points
2. Lukáš Přáda (ERT Racing Team) 63 points
3. Martin Njedlik (Orlin Gasoline) 50 points
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