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The Frankfurt Stock Exchange closed in profit

21.5.2021 17:55

The DAX closed 0.44% at 15,437.7 points.

DAX index + 0.44% na 15437,7 b.
The strongest work In time Weakest stocks In time
German bank (DBK) + 2,5% Delivery Champion (AED) -1.6%
Continental (With) + 2,3% Cofestro (1 COV) -1,2%
Siemens Energy AG (ENR) + 1.5% Fresenius Medical Care (FME) -1.0%
Munich Re (MUV2) + 1.0% German Stock Exchange (DB1) -1.0%
Adidas (Advertisement) + 1.0% Heidelberg Cement (He is me) -0.4%

The DAX remained positive since the start of the trading session, closing up 0.44% to 15,437.7 points, while the European STOXX 600 index, which strengthened 0.57% to 444%, remained in profit throughout the day. .

In the European region, energy (+ 0.04%), industrial companies (+ 0.77%), consumer sector (+ 0.64%), utilities (+ 0.60%), telecommunications (+ + 0.60%) and finance (+ 0.54%). The sector has not declined significantly.

From DAX, Deutsche Bank (DBK; + 2.5%), Continental (CON; + 2.3%), Siemens Energy (ENR; + 1.5%), Munich Re (MUV2; 1.0%) and Adidas (ADS; + 1.0%) . In contrast, Delivery Hero (DHER; -1.6%), Covestro (1COV; -1.2%), Fresenius Medical Care (FME; -1.0%) and Deutsche Boerse (DBI; -1.0%).)

The CEO of Daimler Trucks (a subsidiary of Daimler, DAI; + 0.52%) defended the presence of fuel lines in a phone interview with Bloomberg. According to him, it is dangerous to rely on electric batteries in the future, especially for trucks, as their power source is energy efficient and will be less demanding in terms of infrastructure, and thus he mentioned a shortage of supplies of some raw materials needed to produce batteries. His views contrast with the Volkswagen and Tesla editors, who see fuel cells as costly and ineffective, and claim they are grounded in scientific research.

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Source: Bloomberg

Matj Vanda
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