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The French minister warns Britain against abandoning Northern Ireland trade ethics

The French minister warns Britain against abandoning Northern Ireland trade ethics


France’s European Foreign Minister warned Britain on Wednesday against abandoning the EU’s signing agreement on trade with Northern Ireland after Brexit, saying it would create a “major problem” and that France was prepared to respond.

“The UK is handling the deal and has not fully implemented it,” European Foreign Minister Clement Bon told reporters on the sidelines of the Globesek Forum in Bratislava.

London and the European Union have agreed to a special “protocol” to regulate trade with Northern Ireland as part of a secession agreement in order to prevent the establishment of a difficult border on the island of Ireland.

Britain calls on EU to extend concession period for implementation of certain rules relating to trade between Britain and the British Territory

The protocol is unpopular with pro-UK trade unionists, and DUP lawmakers are pressing Prime Minister Boris Johnson to repeal the protocol.

“If the UK is thinking of deviating from the norm, it is a big concern, a big issue that is unacceptable,” Boone said Wednesday. “No protocol agrees.”

“If one of the parties does not respect whether it is the UK or the EU, we can take action within the framework of the agreement. We are ready to do that. We are not happy to do that, we are ready to do that,” he added.

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