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تردد قناة مكس mix لمتابعة المسلسلات الرمضانية 1443 هـ

The frequency of the Mix channel to follow the Ramadan series 1443 AH

The Mix channel is considered one of the best and most famous Arab channels that show foreign series and movies translated into Arabic, so foreign film lovers are looking for the frequency of the Mix channel, which presents the best Hollywood works of various types of films, whether action or horror, and it is worth noting that what makes the channel reach To a large audience in a short time, and many are still searching for its frequency after it became famous for its tuning for its recipients, and the channel was able to reach everyone in the Arab world, due to the unique and distinctive content that the channel is working to display.

The Mix channel is an Egyptian channel, and the channel works around the clock in order to present all Arab, Turkish and Indian series and films. Among the most prominent series that are shown through the channel are the following:

  • The foreign series Mr. Robot
  • foreign series sea patrol.
  • The Arabic series Al-Sayyad.
  • And many of the distinctive series that are shown through the channel.

I miss you..The frequency of the new Kuwait channel, which carries programs and series Ramadan 1443 AH

The frequency of the Mix channel on all satellites

Dear follower, you can set the frequency of the Mix channel on the Nilesat satellite, in order to follow all series and movies on all satellites, according to the following:

  1. Satellite: Nilesat.
  2. Frequency: 11785.
  3. Polarization: vertical.
  4. Encoding rate: 27500.
  5. Error correction factor: ¾.
  6. Quality: SD.

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