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The frequency of the Ontime Sport channel on time sport on the Nilesat satellite 2021

The frequency of the Ontime Sport channel on time sport on the Nilesat satellite 2021

The frequency of the Ontime Sport 2021 channel, the Al-Ahly competition and the military production, the frequency of the new Ontime Sport 2021 channel, millions of Al-Ahly fans are waiting for Al-Ahly’s expected meeting with the military today, July 2021, on Sunday, July 25th. In the twenty-fifth round of the Egyptian Premier League, which is held on the ON Time Sport or On Sport channel, and obtained the exclusive broadcast rights on its screen, so the observatory is a frequency that constantly searches for channels and the details of the conference are presented to you, so please follow us.

On Time Sport channel frequency 2021

On Time Sport channel announced on the social networking site that it will broadcast today the Al-Ahly and Military Production matches on a new frequency so that the fans of the two teams can watch the match well, because OnTime Sport is one of the most important matches. A sports channel in Egypt and the Arab world, the channel launched in 2019, in addition to joining the broadcast and exclusive broadcast of the English Premier League, it has also become one of the major sports channels with fierce competition. The most influential group of sports journalists in the Arab world. Saudi time.

Received the frequency of the Ontime Sport channel

Today, you can follow the events of the Al-Ahly and Military Production match with high-quality HD technology, with pure sound and image, to enjoy the events of the match, and this is done exclusively and directly without any distortion or interruption in the sound or image, through the following coordinates.

  • The name of the channel on the receiver is ON Time Sports.
  • Moon Nilesat.
  • Frequency 10853
  • HD viewing technology.
  • The polarization is horizontal.
  • Codec 27500.
  • Error Correction 3/4.
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