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The frigate deal between France and Greece is directed against us

In response to the new defense agreement between Paris and Athens, Ankara considered today, Friday, that the deal Selling French frigates to Greece It threatens the stability of the region, stressing that it is directed against it.

The Turkish Foreign Ministry said, in a statement, that the defense agreement to expand the military partnership between Greece and France, which was concluded this week, harms the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

It also claimed that this agreement, which was signed by French President Emmanuel Macron and Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis in Paris, is part of “futile efforts” by Athens to realize its “claims regarding the maritime area and airspace”.

Last Tuesday, France signed an agreement to sell three frigates to Greece, as part of a strategic partnership between Paris and Athens in the Mediterranean.

The memorandum of understanding related to the purchase of these “Bellara”-class frigates came less than two weeks after Australia cancels contract to buy French submarinesand entering into a new defense alliance with Britain and the United States.

Macron stated that the agreement will have significant geopolitical consequences, especially in the eastern Mediterranean, where differences between Turkey and Greece over energy resources are fueled.

A Turkish ship in the Mediterranean (Archive – Reuters)

A new round of dispute resolution

In addition, the Turkish Foreign Ministry said today that the next round of bilateral talks with Greece aimed at addressing differences in the Mediterranean and other issues will be held in Ankara on October 6, as the two NATO countries seek to repair their strained relations.

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It is noteworthy that several differences still exist between the two sides, on issues such as sovereignty in the eastern Mediterranean, airspace, energy, Cyprus divided along ethnic lines and the status of islands in the Aegean Sea.

In January, they agreed to resume talks after a five-year hiatus, following months of tension. Since then, Ankara and Athens have held two rounds of talks. The previous round took place in Athens in March.