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The full version of Diablo 4 will be better than the beta

With the release of the fourth part of one of the most famous role-playing series in the history of games, Diablo, Blizzard Entertainment launched a beta version of the expected Diablo 4 game between March 17 and 19, to test the game’s technical performance, and to test the game servers since it contains game modes. collective.

Unfortunately, the performance was not good, as some players encountered many problems while trying the beta version of the game Diablo 4, for example, the voice chat was not working, and there were problems with the game’s performance. The most prominent problem that players faced was in the queues, where players had to wait for a long time to be able to play, and it could be up to two hours or more, which was criticized by the players.

All these problems made the game developers at Blizzard Entertainment work to fix the problems urgently due to the anger of the players, as they released 6 urgent updates to fix the beta version. Of course, Blizzard Entertainment didn’t stay silent as the general manager of the Diablo series came out to talk about Diablo 4’s problems.

Don’t worry, Diablo 4’s problems will be solved in the full version: this was the response of the general manager of the series

In an interview with Diablo series general manager Rod Ferguson NME Talk about the expected fourth part of the game, specifically about the players’ criticism of the trial version and the problems in it. Where he said that the trial version is only a trial of the game to see the problems that will exist in the full version to fix them before the release in June.

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Rod Ferguson told the players that there is no need to worry and that all these problems will actually be solved and will not be present in the final version, and the full version of Diablo 4 will be much better than the beta version. At the present time, the game will get another trial version between March 24 and 26, and then we will make sure of Ferguson’s words about fixing the game’s problems.

The full version of Diablo 4 is coming on June 6, 2023 across the current generation platforms PS5, Xbox Series X|S, old generation PS4, Xbox One, and PC of course.