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The future is uncertain, Twitter chief fears because of Mask

The future is uncertain, Twitter chief fears because of Mask

It sounded a bit like a game of cat and mouse. Musk initially became Twitter’s largest shareholder in early April, and even then it seemed like he’d be heading into running the company. But the board has tried to prevent that over the past month — there was even agreement on the table that Musk was not allowed to take over Twitter for a year.

But in the end, the social network itself was pushed by the same contributors, who clearly wanted the richest man on the planet to be at the fore. This ultimately culminated with the announcement on Monday that Musk will become the new owner of Twitter — paying the aforementioned $44 billion to the social network.

When Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal announced 5,000 employees on Twitter, he expressed concern about the future of the network. According to him, it is not certain – it was a direct reaction to the fact that Musk will become the new head of Twitter.

“We just knew it at the time. But I know you probably understand what this will mean for you and the future of Twitter,” Agrawal told the New York Times during a conference with thousands of subordinates.

Elon Musk

Photograph: Hannibal Hanschke, Reuters

Two camps cannot be reconciled

Twitter employees themselves have split into two irreconcilable camps. While some see Musk as the new redemption of the social network, others anticipate destruction under his leadership. This can be seen beautifully from posts on Twitter, where employees have started posting crying smileys or GIFs of collapsed people. “They are so shocked by the comment now,” others told CNN.

The former president and co-founder of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, expressed confidence in Musk. “I don’t think anyone should own or manage Twitter. It’s supposed to be public property and not a company. But given the problem of being a business, Elon is a unique solution that I trust. Dorsey, who headed Twitter for six years prior to Agrawal, said: I trust his mission to spread the light of awareness.”

In Monday’s announcement – after the acquisition was announced – Musk said he wanted to improve the social network with new elements, as well as make the platform’s “algorithms” available, or “verify everyone”.

The acquisition itself should be completed in a few months, after which Musk will become president of Twitter.