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The future of the sector in the Arab world is open to investments by small and medium-sized companies

Manama, November 10 (BNA) The participants in the space sector symposium held today at the Bahrain Air Show stressed the importance of investing in the space sector, and opening the way for small and medium-sized companies to work in it, indicating the importance of integration in work in the space sector among the participating countries. The Gulf countries and the Arab countries are eager to make important achievements during the next ten years in the space sector and its applications.

The forums reviewed their countries’ space projects, the achievements of important projects, developing infrastructure, and an advanced vision for the future of space, in addition to discussing the challenges and opportunities facing the private sector in the space sector, and discussing the sector’s sustainability and how to preserve the environment.

Dr. explained. Mohammed Al-Asiri, CEO of the National Space Science Authority in the Kingdom of Bahrain, said that the activities related to the space sector accounted for 20% of the total activities of the Bahrain International Airshow, and they are larger and more distinguished than their predecessors, looking forward to increasing them in quantity and quality in the coming years. “The Kingdom of Bahrain has succeeded in making its mark in front of the world, as it has drawn the attention of space agencies with its scientific and practical work,” he said.

He drew d. Al-Asiri stressed the importance of developing skills and motivating young people to learn the technologies of future sciences, which are spearheaded by space sciences, in implementation of the vision of His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, King of the Great Country, may God protect him, who stressed in various forums the importance of working on developing the technologies of the space sector in the Kingdom. and expand it.

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Al-Asiri stressed the development of the activities hosted by the exhibition in general and presented by the authority in particular, as the authority presents a specialized seminar on the future of space science on how to enhance the presence and involvement of youth in the space sector, and how to promote and stimulate the commercial aspect and encourage small and medium enterprises to invest in the space sector. “The participants in both parts of the symposium represent important elites working in the field of space, some of them are leaders in the field of work, including academics, in addition to a number of businessmen,” he said.

The first symposium focused on how to engage future generations in the field of space, in which Dr. Mohamed Al-Asiri, President of the Egyptian Space Agency and Director General of the Emirates Space Agency, and a representative of the Indian company InsEL, which is the commercial arm of the Indian Space Agency, spoke. As for the second session, it focused on opportunities Investing in the space sector in the Middle East and North Africa, in which a number of representatives of companies operating in the space sector spoke in the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and the State of Kuwait.

From: Samah Allam