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The game series Part 3. May Kassab in a different way in exciting adventures

The game series Part 3. May Kassab in a different way in exciting adventures

On Sunday, the first episodes of the third part of the game series were shown on the Shahid platform, entitled “Playing with Adults”.

The work enjoys a large viewership, especially after the first and second parts achieved remarkable success. The audience is eagerly awaiting the competition between “Mazu” and “Waseem” in the challenges of the game.

The promotional advertisement for the work revealed the features and details of the new episodes, which revolve in a mold that combines comedy and excitement, as the events begin, with “Wassim and Mazo” leaving prison after their escape by digging in the artists’ posters, and moving the game from the stage of “Level Monster” to a stage. Playing with the adults.” The promo also witnessed the addition of new members to the game, such as the artist Mahmoud Hafez.

Heroes of the Game series, Part III

A group of the brightest comedians in Egypt, Sheko, Hisham Majed, Mai Kassab, Ahmed Fathi, Mirna Jamil, Arefa Abdel Rasoul, Sami Maghawry, Mohamed Otaka and Mahmoud Hafez, participate in the series “The Game, Part III”, in addition to a number of Guests of honor such as artist Salah Abdullah, script and dialogue work by Ahmed Saad Wali, Ibrahim Saber, Mohamed Salah Khattab, written by Fadi Abu Al-Saud, directed by Moataz Al-Tuni.

Mai Kassab in the game series

In the previous two parts of the series “The Game”, the star Mai Kassab succeeded in capturing the audience’s attention, as she embodied the character of “Shaima”, Mazo’s wife.

The promotional announcement put forward by the company producing the third part reveals that Mai Kassab’s features have changed, as she appeared with different hair and less weight, which confirms that she underwent a food program for the series “The Game, Part III”.

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