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The gardens are open for the second week, but the food is not very attractive to Czechs

The gardens are open for the second week, but the food is not very attractive to Czechs

“The number of lunch transactions was 39 percent last week compared to the pre-coronary crisis,” said Nicholas Esch, CEO of Edenred. This was much lower than a year earlier, when the restaurant gardens opened on May 11, 2020 after the first closing. At the time, the number of lunch payments was just over 50 percent of the pre-holiday state.

“It clearly shows how much it takes to open the inside,” Eish added.

The Czechs spent less on food from the windows

During closed restaurants, people would come to the lunchtime windows, which some restaurants were operating during the shutdown. However, they had to eat at home or in the office.

However, in the past week after the parks’ opening, the number of lunch deals increased by only 3 percent compared to the previous week, when the parks were still closed. This is also a change from a year ago, when the end of the first close brought a strong recovery.

“However, this is primarily due to the weather, which in May 2020 was significantly more favorable to the opening of parks compared to the rainy week of May 17, 2021,” Esch added.

But even a slight recovery has brought about a positive change in the restaurants. People who go out to eat in the park spend more than those who bring food home. The average amount for lunch last week rose to 139.90 kroner, 1.90 kronor more than the average in April of this year.

According to his forecasts, as the weather improves and the inland areas open up, spending on lunch will rise dramatically again, similar to last summer, when we paid nearly 137 kronor for one lunch on average.

After opening the interior, the bars connect as well

According to current data from Plzeňský Prazdroj, gardens with more than eight thousand restaurants and bars opened in the first week, with Prazdroj providing beer. That’s 26 percent more than bars and restaurants compared to shortly after the first shutdown last May.

“The last shutdown was too long. For the pub, the possibility of opening the gardens at least represents a boost and a partial return to normal. Most of them are no longer able to wait, they have to try. This is one of the reasons many parks open during the first week compared to last year after May 11 after the first wave of closings, ”added Tomach Mras, Plzeňský Prazdroj Sales Manager.

However, compared to the same period in the year before the Jew 2019, a quarter fewer companies were opened. “There are still some operators and owners of bars and restaurants who have not yet opened their doors. Either because they do not have a garden, or just a partial opening that does not bear fruit. Thus the entire stomach apparatus cannot stand on its feet until after the entire interior has been loosened and opened. No Garden gardens are enough. “

A drop of more than a third

“We need to open our internal operations as soon as possible, albeit with limitations. But we can deal with that.” Martin Krusik, operator of Tusto Titanium restaurant in Brno, said: “Now we are fighting for every customer, if this year is Same last year, that would be really bad. “

The vast majority of restaurants that do not have parks or have not yet opened are preparing to restart after another wave of dismantling.

“There are hundreds of establishments that have closed or are about to close due to the Coronavirus. The taste of bars to keep going is high. They are all betting on the summer season, which will at least help them wipe out losses from last year. But it is important that they remain open permanently, otherwise it will be There are a lot of people who end up. “


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