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The “gay flag” over a mosque with the new Egyptian currency is causing an uproar.. this is what 20 pounds will look like

The new form of the Egyptian currency, which was circulated in the media, caused an uproar in the Egyptian street and criticism of the Central Bank on social media platforms, after the Egyptians accused the existing authorities of containing the new form on the “gay flag,” noting that it was painted on the image of the currency denomination. 20 pounds, before the central bank said that the models are scalable.

newspaper said,Al-Ahram Gate“The Egyptian currency, in its new form, will be issued next November from the new printing house of the Central Bank of Egypt, in the new administrative capital, and it is made of a polymer material known in the media as “plastic money.”

Gay flag on a 20 pound note

However, the Egyptian 20-pound coin sparked a great controversy among Egyptians, as the mosque depicted on the coin was surrounded by the “gay” flag, or what is known as the “rainbow”.

Another tweeter criticized the shape of the new Egyptian currency and wrote: “20 pounds with the gay flag on it and 10 pounds with the Abdel Fattah al-Sisi Mosque on it, among hundreds of Islamic mosques and historical monuments!!”

A tweet also criticized the image of the 20-pound denomination, and wrote: “People who say colors on the new currency are not the #gay flag, but rather a watermark, the old money has an uncolored watermark! Would you say that this is a plastic currency, and you must color the watermark on it other than paper currency, so why did they make a plastic currency? And secondly, color it in any colors, you do not need this.”

The images circulating in the Egyptian currency sparked a wave of anger in the Egyptian street, during which the Egyptians reacted sarcastically to the decision of the Central Bank.

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Watan monitored many comments that criticized the Egyptian authorities and the Central Bank.

The Central Bank comments on the Egyptian currency scandal

Following widespread criticism on social networks, an official source in the Central Bank of Egypt told the Middle East News Agency, “The circulating models of pictures of plastic coins from the ten and twenty-pound denominations are preliminary, not final and scalable models.”

Egypt has several times witnessed anti-gay movements. In October 2017, activists and rights groups said that the authorities had arrested 22 people, as part of a crackdown on homosexuals, after the rainbow flag symbolizing homosexuality was raised during a concert.

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Although homosexuality is not specifically criminalized in Egypt, the society is conservative, and gay men are frequently arrested and charged with inciting immorality and immorality.

Al-Azhar announced in 2017 that it would address homosexuals in the same way that it tackles extremist Islamists. One church held an anti-gay conference, Reuters reported.

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