General / The Holy Capital Secretariat calls on the owners of vacant lands to fencing them

Sunday 2/9/1443 AH corresponding to 04/03/2022 AD

Makkah Al-Mukarramah 02 Ramadan 1443 AH corresponding to 03 April 2022 AD
The Secretariat of the Holy Capital called on landowners of vacant lands to expedite the issuance of fencing licenses through the “Baladi” platform, in accordance with the models, standards and controls approved by the ministry, before starting to monitor the owners’ compliance early next July, and the initiative aims to control the empty lands located in commercial streets and unify their appearance with The surrounding buildings, reducing the accumulation of waste within those lands, protecting them from encroachments, and clarifying the ownership limits of the land.
The secretariat, represented by its sub-municipalities, which were previously associated with the work of the awareness campaign, which targeted the owners of vacant (commercial) land and located on the main axes in its first phase by notifying the landowners to review the municipality and correct the status of their lands and to facilitate the procedures for obtaining the permits required for fencing in accordance with the guide on fencing of vacant lands that it launched The ministry, which contributes to improving the urban landscape and addressing visual distortion, in addition to protecting owners from encroachments and misuse of land, and raising the level of humanization of cities.
It also called on landowners to quickly correct the status of their lands and obtain official permits according to what the regulation stipulates, stressing that the second phase is the phase of control, application of the regulation, and monitoring of owners’ compliance as of July 1, 2022, as fencing of vacant lands will be mandatory in some regions of the Kingdom.
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