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The German government will play a major role in the dispute between Brussels and Warsaw -

The German government will play a major role in the dispute between Brussels and Warsaw –

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Brussels and Warsaw

The German government will play a major role in the conflict between Brussels and Warsaw. The position of the new German government on rule of law issues will be a decisive factor in the current conflict between the European Union and Poland. That’s what Christopher Gluck, director of European affairs at Forefront Advisers thinks.

While the rule of law is an important agenda for the Greens and the FDP moving forward, the Socialists, led by Olaf Schulz, will be more permissive, according to Gluck.

The spat between Brussels and Warsaw escalated after Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki’s speech yesterday in the European Parliament. Morawiecki criticized the European Union for overstepping its powers, and received sharp words from members of the European Parliament and European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen.

“We expect the Commission to come up with a breach procedure and implement the new EU rule of law mechanism,” Gluck said. (Peter Maciej Kaczynski |


Convicted neo-Nazis released. Greek prosecutors have released George Batelis, a member of the neo-Nazi group Golden Dawn, from prison. Batelis, along with other neo-Nazi supporters, was sentenced to ten years in prison, but only served one year behind bars. The prosecutor’s office justified this with his problematic childhood and exemplary behavior in prison. This is the third time that the Public Prosecutor’s Office has decided to release a member of “Golden Dawn” from prison before serving his sentence. The public is critical of the decision. (Matthews Tsimitakis |

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Bratislava Budapest

Hungarians repair Slovak churches, the local government learned about this from the media. The Hungarian government will send more than 4 million euros to repair Slovak churches. However, the Slovak government is not involved in the programme. The relevant ministries only learned of the Hungarian plans from the media.

Hungary wants to provide financial assistance primarily to Slovak municipalities with Hungarian minorities. Thanks to this, 101 churches should be repaired. (Michel Hodik |


The Slovenian government was exposed to a scandal. The leaked recording released by Slovenian TV shows that Environment Minister Andrej Vizjak joined Slovenian media baron Bojan Petan in 2007. Vizjak wanted to advise Petan on how to avoid tax obligations and offered him an agreement on hiring employees at a state-owned company at a time when there was intense controversy about its privatization. Opposition parties are now calling for the minister’s resignation, while Prime Minister Janez Janša, who has so far been close to Vizjak, is refusing to comment. (Sebastigan R what or what)


Bulgaria toughens, with the introduction of the compulsory Covid passport. The Bulgarian government will severely tighten anti-coronavirus measures from Thursday. A Covid Passport, which confirms vaccination or a negative test, will be a requirement for entry to most indoor settings, from universities to restaurants to movie theaters or supermarkets. (Krasin Nikolov

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