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Němci ukázali revoluční motor, řeší jeden z největších problémů moderních aut

The Germans demonstrated a revolutionary engine, which solved one of the biggest problems of modern cars

The Germans demonstrated a revolutionary engine, which solved one of the biggest problems of modern cars

15.5.2021 | Peter Prokopec


Photo: Mahley

Whatever future automobile you believe in, the propulsion of modern cars is unlikely to be complete, albeit without electric motors. It is they who have the problem of using precious metals, which this German novelty solves.

We’ve already mentioned the dirty secrets of electric cars more than once, so you might not have missed the fact that electric cars aren’t as clean as their supporters claim. This is mainly due to energy-intensive production and the use of precious metals, which must be mined and processed somewhere. But what the activists’ eyes do not see does not bother them.

Precious metals are not only necessary for batteries, dysprosium and terbium are also used in the production of electric motors, which are finding their way not only in electric cars but also in hybrid and lightweight cars. But it will likely end soon. Mahle has introduced a new drive unit that is completely free of magnets, and thus precious metals, making it more environmentally friendly than others. Not only that, but its users can also enjoy it, as it reduces the risk of rising service costs.

Mahle achieved a non-contact voltage transfer between the rotating and stator parts of the motor. At the same time, it has an efficiency of 95%, during almost all operations. So far, this level has only been associated with Formula E cars. And perhaps most impressive is the potential for great flexibility – the new engine can run anywhere from small city cars to large trucks. This, of course, reduces production costs.

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“Our non-magnetic motor can certainly be considered a breakthrough, as it provides a number of advantages that have not yet been incorporated into a single product of this type. Thanks to this, we can offer our customers exceptional efficiency at a disproportionately low cost,” says Martin Berger, Vice President. Mahle Research & Development, for news. At the same time, he adds that the motor, of course, generates a magnetic field, but with the help of coils.

We will only add that in parallel with the new engine, a number of countries have begun to depend, especially on China, where most of the precious metals are processed, to decline, because the country does not bother to protect the environment in this regard. In her case, all chemical processes were cheaper. This may be over, at least in part, although it is not yet clear when the non-magnetic motors will appear in production, Mahley was not mentioned.

The Germans have demonstrated a revolutionary engine that solves one of the biggest problems in modern cars - 1 - replaced by a magnetless engine 2021

Mahle prides itself on a new, non-magnetic motor that saves the environment and potentially your wallet. In addition, it could reduce the rest of the world’s dependence on China. Photo: Mahley

Source: Mahle

Peter Prokopec