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«العالمية لاستدامة الفضاء» لـ«الرؤية»: نعمل نحو فهم أفضل لمخاطر وتحديات القطاع

“The Global Space Sustainability” of the “Vision”: We are working towards a better understanding of the risks and challenges of the sector

The representative of the Mohammed bin Rashid Space Center in the World Association for Space Sustainability and its founding member, Adnan Al Rayes, confirmed that the center works in harmony with the association and the rest of its members, on intellectual and technical inputs in order to achieve a better understanding of space risks and challenges, such as debris and radiation.

He said that the association, which was announced by the Mohammed bin Rashid Space Center as part of the World Government Summit 2022, aims to improve the current sustainable value of the integrated space system, get rid of the information monopoly approach, and promote best practices to improve the sustainable use of outer space and contribute to the prosperity of current generations. future for the service of mankind.

Al Rayes stated that the association aims to launch and coordinate initiatives related to space sustainability across the space sector, and the association works with all stakeholders (international organizations, companies and universities) to identify and develop best practices in accordance with environmental, social and corporate governance standards.

He added that the Mohammed bin Rashid Space Center is one of the founding members of the association, so the Mohammed bin Rashid Space Center was one of the most keen authorities on the sustainability of space, and will work in harmony with the association and the rest of its members, on intellectual and technical inputs as well in order to find ways to mitigate and improve the space environment. and enabling private and government stakeholders to expand their presence in space in a sustainable manner.

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Al-Rayes indicated that the launch of the association was an initiative aimed at strengthening efforts and coordinating initiatives in the field of exploring the challenges of the space sector, and innovating the best solutions to develop the sector. space, satellites and space business entities, as well as leading policymakers, regulators, international bodies and innovators.

He explained that the World Space Sustainability Association is a non-profit organization that was established by the Mohammed bin Rashid Space Center, Elesco, the largest insurance company in the space and satellite sector around the world, and Herbert Smith Freehill, a first-class international law firm, and since its inception, The association has received great interest from countries, international bodies, private companies and eminent personalities.