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"The Golden Age of Space Exploration" .. Next Saturday

“The Golden Age of Space Exploration” .. Next Saturday

Next Saturday, the Saudi Space Authority will hold a space talk meeting, SPACE TALK, in its seventh virtual version, under the title (Golden Age of Space Exploration).

The space talk will start with a dialogue session with the Professor of Electrical Engineering and Planetary Sciences at Caltech, the former director of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory at NASA, Dr. Charles Al-Ashi, to talk about the golden age of space exploration, and the future of Mars and Moon settlement, and he will be interviewed by the rocket and vehicle engineer. Aerospace engineer Mashael Al-Shamimri.

Dr. Charles Al-Ashi is the recipient of many awards and certificates of appreciation; Principal researcher in many NASA research and development studies, in addition to his participation in many studies of space mission development, including the Magellan mission to Venus, and authored 230 publications in the fields of space and planetary exploration, Earth observation, and the fields of remote sensing of active microwaves, Wave propagation, electromagnetic theory, lasers and integrated optics.

Through the Space Talk initiative, the Saudi Space Authority seeks to transfer expertise and reliable experiences through meetings with influential people in the field and those interested in its most prominent discoveries and events, raise society’s awareness of the importance of space science and technologies, and enhance the role of the Saudi Space Authority in stimulating inspiration and encouraging the sharing of content related to the space sector, through meetings. With experts in the field.

It is noteworthy that the Space Talk initiative comes in partnership with the ThinkTech initiative of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology.

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To register for the seventh edition of the Space Talk, please visit the link:Press here).