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قامت لجنة التفتيش الأمني والبيئى بالمطارات والفنادق ، برئاسة الطيار منتصر مناع نائب وزير الطيران المدنى بزيارة تفقدية لمطاري الغردقه ومرسي علم

The government’s Supreme Inspection Committee follows up on security measures at Hurghada and Marsa Alam airports

Within the framework of the Egyptian state’s directives to follow up and assess the security, health and environmental situation in Egyptian airports and resorts through cooperation and joint coordination between ministries and relevant authorities.

The Security and Environmental Inspection Committee at Airports and Hotels, headed by Pilot Montaser Manna, Deputy Minister of Civil Aviation, conducted an inspection visit to Hurghada and Marsa Alam airports. His Excellency was accompanied during the tour by Major General Tarek Nassir, Professor Abdel Fattah Al-Assi, Dr. Alaa Eid and Dr. Ayman Imam, and they were received by Major General Murad Mohamed, Director of Hurghada Airport and the General Tarek Topozada, Director of Marsa Alam Airport.

The visit comes within the framework of the work of the Supreme Committee for Security and Environmental Inspection, formed by the decision of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, from the Ministry of Civil Aviation and the Ministries of Tourism and Antiquities, Health and Population and the concerned authorities, to implement the state’s plan to enhance the environmental, health and security aspects, through periodic inspection of all Egyptian airports, hotels and resorts. To ensure the procedures and measures applied to protect tourists and workers in different sectors.

During the visit, the security measures and precautionary measures applied inside Egyptian airports were reviewed.

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