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The governor of Menoufia inspects the paving and development works along Sabri Abu Alam Street in Shebin El-Kom

Today, Major General Ibrahim Abu Lemon, Governor of Menoufia, made a field tour to follow up on the implementation of the new road paving projects plan in the governorate’s centers and cities, to find out the volume of work carried out on the ground and provide the necessary support and facilities to complete the projects according to the scheduled timelines to improve the level of services provided to citizens, accompanied by Major General Omar Idris The governor’s advisor for local units affairs, the engineering advisor for the governorate, the director of the Roads Directorate, and the head of the West Shebin El-Kom district.

The tour began with an inspection of the work of raising the efficiency and paving the spinning factory road along Sabri Abu Alam in the West Shebeen Al-Koum neighborhood, with a length of 550 meters and a cost of approximately (5) million pounds. To serve the people of the region and make rain drains, and the final surface layer is being laid and the electrical connections are finished in preparation for the installation of decorative poles and planting trees, stressing the completion of all works in the region during the coming period, to achieve traffic liquidity and preserve the aesthetic appearance of the capital, and the governor directed the head of the West district Shebeen El-Kom maintains lighting networks on both sides of the street in order to preserve the security and safety of citizens.

The people thanked the Governor of Menoufia, expressing their great happiness with the comprehensive development of roads and streets in the capital, which gives it an aesthetic and civilized appearance that makes it a source of pride for all the people of the governorate. The governor indicated that the governorate is adopting an ambitious plan to pave the largest number of streets and main roads, which in turn will contribute to Facilitating the movement of vehicles, achieving traffic liquidity, and stimulating trade movement within the governorate, in implementation of the directives of the political leadership to improve services provided to citizens.

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The governor also continued the paving and development work on Hosni Mubarak Street, where the old and dilapidated sidewalks and layers of asphalt were removed, and the road expansion work is underway, and the side sidewalks are installed and paved with interlock tiles in preparation for the paving work. .

The governor completed his tour by inspecting the work of installing interlocks, balustrades and rain guttering in Port Said Street in the center and city of Quesna, with a length of approximately 940 meters, at a total cost of 8 million pounds, with an implementation rate of 60%, as well as paving and development works in Al-Bagoury Street, with a length of 1 km, at a total cost of approximately 7 million pounds, with an implementation rate. 60%. The tour also included an inspection of the paving works on Ibrahim Al-Khalil Street in the city of Quesna, with a length of (700) meters.

The governor directed the head of the local unit of the center and city of Quesna to raise the outputs and waste of development in the streets, transfer them to the sanitary landfill in Sadat, and distribute garbage bins to improve the level of hygiene and improve the level of services provided to citizens.

It is noteworthy that the value of the financial appropriations for the new paving plan for the current fiscal year amounted to 26 million pounds at the governorate level, and the center and city of Quesna are witnessing works to raise the efficiency of developing and paving a number of streets. And Tahrir Streets with a length of 500 meters, the Prophet Musa with a length of 200 meters, Abdullah Meleji with a length of 200 meters, and the Abu Zaid Mosque with a length of 300 meters.

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The Governor of Menoufia ordered the inclusion of the Institute’s Canal Road, with a length of (400) meters, and the road linking the village of Mit Khaqan and the Al-Farouk Nursery, with a length of (1) km, from the paving plan as the main axes that serve the city of Shebin El-Kom and contribute to alleviating traffic jams. An experimental school that serves the residents of the center.

The governor affirmed his keenness and full support for developing and raising the efficiency of infrastructure projects for the road sector, as it is one of the important factors for achieving sustainable development.