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"The Great Crash" .. "Younis" wreaks havoc in Britain (photos)

“The Great Crash” .. “Younis” wreaks havoc in Britain (photos)

The British newspaper “The Observer” reported that Hurricane Eunice had caused major damage and that Britain was still reeling from the devastation caused by the devastating storm.

After unprecedented winds hit the UK on Friday morning, weather warnings continued amid fears of train chaos and power outages and further storms.

He noted that the storm was so devastating that the government was in turmoil and could not control the chaos and debris.

The Met Office has issued a new yellow meteorological warning for winds blowing over parts of the UK and Wales, warning that it could reach speeds of up to 60 mph, although this is not even half of the 122-mile storm recorded in the Isle of Wight on Friday. Always registered in the UK.

Meanwhile, widespread travel disruptions have been reported across the UK, with major road closures hampering drivers, and some bridges connecting the UK and Wales, including the M48 Severn Crossing, were closed. Several services remained closed until Saturday after hundreds of train journeys were canceled. On Friday, railway chiefs re-issued “do not travel” notices on several major routes.

The National Rail said it was a “significant disruption” to services in most parts of Great Britain, with the Southwest Rail saying more than 40 trees had fallen on its roads northwest of Kent.

As energy companies apologized for the delay in supplying electricity to homes and businesses, tens of thousands of homes were left without electricity throughout Saturday, leaving many homeless enough to suffer.
He said fears of a second night power outage for some citizens have increased this week as some rural homes face damage and isolation due to difficult conditions.

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The British Insurance Association (ABI) has estimated the temporary cost of storm damage at around 360m.

Four people have been killed in a typhoon in the British Isles.