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“The Great Delusion” .. A study reveals a “common mistake” in losing weight

“The Great Delusion” .. A study reveals a “common mistake” in losing weight

This week, a study was published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition (European Journal of Clinical Nutrition) on the relationship between eater movement on the one hand, and between overweight On the other hand.

The researchers concluded that what we eat is not a critical factor for weight gain, because the data suggests that the average Calories The amount consumed by the American citizen has stabilized or decreased in number two thousand years ago, but the United States is still the obese country in the world, because one third of its citizens suffer from obesity.

According to the study, the problem lies in eating foods rich in carbohydrates that are easily absorbed, such as white bread and breakfast cereals, as well as many foods that contain a high percentage of sugar.

The researchers explain that eating these carbohydrates leads to a significant increase in the hormone insulin, which increases the storage of fat, and therefore, the problem does not lie in the number of calories, but rather in the nature of those calories, and the way they are distributed in the human body.

In this case, a large part of what a person ate goes to fat, while a limited share of calories remains to be used in the movement of the body.

And researchers have always warned against focusing on the number of calories, because calories from protein that feed the body are completely different from calories from unhealthy fats or carbohydrates.

When this effect occurs, a person who wants to lose extra weight will not easily succeed in the task by reducing calories, because the body is already programmed to quickly store fat.

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The researchers believe that what is required in this situation is to adopt a diet that avoids high glucose and insulin, while increasing the proportion of fat in the meal, and the goal is to stimulate the fat tissue so that it releases calories that make the person less hungry.