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أعظم عالم.. الجمعية الملكية للعلوم تحتفى بميلاد مايكل فاراداى.. ماذا فعل؟

The greatest scientist .. The Royal Society of Science celebrates the birth of Michael Faraday .. What did he do?

Today, the Royal Society of Sciences, in the United Kingdom, celebrated the 51st birthday of the scientist Michael Faraday (1791 – 1867), an English chemist and physicist, who was involved in the science of the electromagnetic field and electrochemical, and his discoveries exceeded more than that.

Michael Faraday studied the magnetic field on a conductor – a solenoid – carrying a constant electric current, thus laying the foundations of electromagnetism. His invention of electromagnetic devices marked the beginning of electric motor technology, thus becoming the first to make electricity something for technological use.

Michael Faraday also emerged as a chemist, as he was the first to discover benzene, studied the issue of gas hydrates, and invented the gasoline burning machine.

Although Michael Faraday did not teach mathematics in schools, only a few, but he was an outstanding scientist, as he was classified as one of the greatest scientists in history. In the international system of units, we calculate the value of the capacitor and measure it in farads, named after Michael Faraday. There is also a Faradic constant named after him, which is equal to 96,485 Coulomb, which is the charge of one mole of electrons.

It was also named after him, Faraday’s law of induction, which says that the change of magnetism in time creates electric driving forces. Faraday was the first to hold the position of Fullerian Professor of Chemistry at the Great Royal Institution of Britain. Faraday was a devout Christian and was a member of the Sandmanian Church.

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